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话题: VDJ 64bit can't play video
Got a new test PC - badly old I5 once again 2400 this time
As with all other, videos seem to work perfectly using VDJ x86 whenever intel or nVidia GPU or none is in use
CPU load peaks under 10% GPU only report 14% load

with VDJ64 and no way to get any h264 60 HZ full HD work smoothly. The same as with any other I5 PC
no problem to display some other videos at the same time
5800 kbps then 1800 kbps
4200 kbps 29.97 fps play smoothly 1100 kbps 60 fps does not play
To make a test i played them twice, once in firefox & once in chrome at the same time with .. 20..24% CPU

tried again with another cpu ... Core duo have exactly the same effect in 32 bits - even with or without nVidia board

all these file were playing smoothly previously
oldest ones already had same issue some couple of years ago with VDJ 8

other thing :
menus i.e.: effect or transition select items are 4 time the size they are in any the other PC
with really big and blur switch and no config gear

发表时间 Tue 13 Aug 19 @ 12:17 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
While playing the file, check in Tag Editor if it is using hardware accelerated video decoding.
Also try to disable useDXVA to see if it works better without hardware accelerated video decoding.

发表时间 Tue 13 Aug 19 @ 5:49 am
Thanks, not fixed but reason why found :\
All PCs with Intel I5 gen 2 & 3 & nVidia act exactly the same

Hardware accelerated video decoding is reported by Tag Editor when nvidia/Intel is in use with DXVA

As soon as I disable nvidia device in peripheral manager Intel Hardware decoder is reported as in use in Tag Editor and no problem but display 30Fps video
disabling DXVA of course change CPU Load and Tag editor report and Video is 60fps

core2 Duo doers not have this problem but CPU load because no acceleration is in use at anytime DXVA on or not!!

By the way this fixed the 4x too big menu items thing...
Conclusion :
- A conflict may exist with old 2016 nVidia driver & new 2019 intel one
and/or new WIn10 1903 needs graphic driver fixes intel applied but nVidia didn't
- Hardware H264 decoding using outdated nVidia is broken again, more visible in 64 bit

发表时间 Wed 14 Aug 19 @ 8:23 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Try to manually install the latest intel and nvidia graphics drivers perhaps

发表时间 Wed 14 Aug 19 @ 9:25 am
Somehow Fixed finally
even more unlikely
bios was never updated
now 60Fps in 64bit using Any of Intel or nVidia or CPU in windowed mode
down to 1 image every 10s in fullscreen mode - VDJ reporting 30fps - with dxva & nVidia 525m and 25-30 with integrated intel HD2000
when win10 stops to "adapt app size" - don't find how or why - VDJ reports up to more than 40 fps and there are only some freezes on fast motions
renderers are resizing many times videos which are basicaly the same size as display but not same bpp

less visible with faster GPU; i tested Quadro nvs510 + intel 5000
result is down to 18 fps in fullscreen mode with dxva & nVidia and 20-25 with intel
25-30 fps without DXVA

Don't know why. Windows 10 1903 introduce a new resize engine which is really lost between dpi & bpp & bad EDID / faulty drivers
Waiting for recent AMD board Radeon 570 next week will see

发表时间 Fri 16 Aug 19 @ 10:38 pm