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VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
"The craziest thing I see is no one ever talks about doing entertaining video"

People work very hard to make entertaining video to accompany a song. It is not a bad idea to just press a play button and let them get full credit for their often excellent work.

DJ's themselves often mess up good songs with tempo and key changes, effects and scatching plus voice overs. The poor punters may just want to hear their favourite song and maybe see their favourite video including the artist.

发表时间 Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 8:45 am
Well sure... anyone can play a video... even everyone in the crowd... But it is not just about that in my opinion... If that is not your opinion then that is fine...

And so I guess no one will talk about something that can be difficult which I think is silly... also my opinion... I used to be very highly paid for that... well not only that... i had to work lots too... but my opinion was respected and was the seed of many things...

Since you doubt my opinion here are a few that thought my opinion was good... Again not about frekin anything much I care about these days... but since you doubt...

When I had to redo the Lion King for Disney over a weekend, it was my opinion that I needed to change some of the animation in it so I did without Disney's or boss approval. Everyone was gone for the weekend except me and another guy and so there was no one to ask... Come Monday morning one of the lesser boss guys said I should not have changed Disney's animation... I know kind of crazy but it was needed... I knew it... I told the lessor boss guy... yeah I should have... Disney saw the changes and loved it... Not only that but the fact 2 guys reanimated the entire Lion King game in a weekend (95 percent of it)... and we had a Disney contract... of course there were other higher level guys involved with all of it but it was the final test from Disney and it sealed the deal... PS: after the dog and pony show with Disney the lessor boss guy came to me and said "you were right"... I thought to myself no sh.t lol

IBM had me design an operating system for them. They had given me a short outline and I did not agree with what they wanted to do but boss said do it anyway. IBM liked what I did but 6 months later they came to the same conclusion that I did before designing the OS for them... This led to IBMs OS2. I was not evoled with that but the lead guy wanted my opionion on the best way to go about it... I gave him my opinion and that's the way he did it...

Microsoft decided they wanted my opinion with the new graphics engine they were creating...(pre DirectX) blah blah blah..

Scot Page, Bob Ezrin... (heard of Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Super Tramp... you think maybe they know about entertainment? )

I don't care about any of that... just ramblings of days gone by... no one cares what you did yesterday... This was always the way it was for me... What are you doing today was what people wanted to know... yesterday is old news..

发表时间 Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 8:59 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
The difficult thing is to do the simple thing at the right moment. Timing is king. Just press play but at the right moment. That's why DJ's don't like lags. People notice time intervals of less than 0.5 of a second.

发表时间 Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 9:11 am
VDJ Ron wrote :
The difficult thing is to do the simple thing at the right moment. Timing is king. Just press play but at the right moment. That's why DJ's don't like lags. People notice time intervals of less than 0.5 of a second.

Yes I do know that... It is a challenge for sure... I don't want to do easy since that is not a challenge but it needs to be easy to use which is also a challenge... I am not going out like a wimpy little kid... This will be the last thing I work on in my life and I am going out kicking and screaming rather than retiring which would be too easy :)

When I say easy to use... I mean punch a button and go... Design and layout are up to you which is something you do before hand... That is not something I can do for you but can make it as easy as possible. You get back what you put into it.. One button push could mean lots of automated script but we will see about that when the time comes...

Also the payoff for this is not just for DJs. New things come about all the time that are used in other products... I just discovered something really cool the other day that has nothing to do with any of this... just some magic way to do something that was not available... I told someone about it and they wanted it right away... really I think it is that kind of thing that keeps a programmer going... The endless hours of work with some rewards that give you a buzz...

发表时间 Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 9:26 am
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