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话题: Choosing my first DJ Controller
Hey All, I'm completely new to DJing and am about to buy my first controller to learn with. I want it to have some longevity too, when (and if) I get better and if I stick with it.

At the moment I am trying to decide between:

- Pioneer DDJ400 2 Channel Rekordbox DJ Controller
- Numark Mixtrack Platinum Controller w/ Serato DJ Intro
- Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk2

Would very much like to hear your thoughts on which you would pick and why.


发表时间 Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 8:34 am
I don't have experience from any of them. But don't forget that you should find those controllers in a store and test them also. And not only listen to advice.

发表时间 Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 10:10 am
you may want to test out the different software that comes with these controllers they are all very different to see which suits your needs as well. I would assume you want to use it with VDJ but since you are new and all of these controllers are fairly low price i would assume you are not wanting to spend a load on something your not sure of yet. i would lean tward the pioneer but i like there products.

发表时间 Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 1:11 pm
I have had over 12 controllers . Each one had something to offer then the others . also realize that you can add on other things to make you be able to have all the features you ever imagine. example i have a apc 80 that is samples and effects , cue, pages of samples , poi and othe stuff linked to it as my side controller . with it I either use a ddj t1 or a ddj sx . I have piles of controllers at home as the axe music closed here and i went to town .. quality of craftmanship is also important. The next question is based on do you want to scratch or not.. truth to this is you can try the metal platter right down to using a mouse. if you want to be a legend then suggest time code records and then a mixer with some dicers , or a launch pad. remember any midi or hid device can easily be mapped.

发表时间 Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 9:55 pm
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
While I can’t comment on the models of those controllers, I can comment on two of the manufactures.

I have the first generation Mixtrack Pro. It has a good sound card and has lasted for 9 years without any major issues. The only problem I noticed with it was the platters would not detect my touch properly in real cold temperatures. I still carry it around as a backup.

After that I used CDJ’s to timecode.

I’ve now had a DDJ-RX for a little over a year. With that I’ve also had no issues. It does have a better build feel and many more features. But, that also came with a higher price point.

I’ve tried Traktor and Rekordbox with them. Hands down VDJ blew them away.

发表时间 Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 7:30 am
Thanks all for your tips and info. I decided to go with the Traktor Kontrol s2 mk3, and mostly because it felt nice to play with instore and came with Traktor Pro 3 software, should I choose to use it.

So far I'm quite pleased, particularly when using this controller with VDJ. The flexibility to map/remap controller keys with VDJScript means this controller can effectively do whatever I want (I suppose the same is true for any controller).

I'm not sure if I'd like this controller as much with Traktor Pro 3 but, I'll know eventually.

Thanks again!

发表时间 Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 10:50 am