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话题: Changing the Song position waveform to custom colours

This is to change the song position waveform colour to anything you want - not just the few options in the config.
Not sure if this has been covered before, I couldn't find anything explaining it easily so here goes -

Go to the skins folder and open the skin in an xml editor.
Scroll down to the two lines that look like this -
<songpos colorBass="#00567a" colorMed="#00a5e4" colorPlayed="#00a5e4" colorHigh="#7fc8e9">

These are the waveform commands - on mine it was line 170 & 192 but this will change depending on how busy your skin is.
The numbers are the binary code for a color, you can work these out in most paint or photopaint style programs (using paintshop etc the number will be displayed in a box when you change a color).
Leave the hash tag and just change the six numbers/letters after it.
The 'colorplayed=' bit is the wiping color that covers the waveform as a song progresses.
Save to your vdj skins folder as an xml using a different name.
Then you will also need to copy the Skin png file and rename to the same as your newly modified skin. (VDJ looks for both files to use the skin)
Select the new skin from within vdj and view your changes.

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alucasCUE userMember since 2008
What controls the colours in the remote skins?

发表时间 Tue 05 Feb 19 @ 11:10 am