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话题: KUDOS to Atomix and Virtual DJ
I just want to say thank you to all of those at Atomix for creating, building on, and making the greatest DJ software on the planet! Thank you for this website which contains Forums, Download Add Ons, VDJ Manuals, Help with VDJ and DJ'ing in general. Also, a thank you to all of those who created, improved and kept up updates to VDJ as well as others who did and still do all with awesome Skins, Pads, Samples (Both Video and Audio), additional features to enhance VDJ, etc.

Congratulations and thank you all once again for this awesome software and wonderful VDJ Community. We are all truly blessed to own and work with VDJ as well as having such a superb team of VDJ peeps. Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you around this VDJ site. :)

发表时间 3 days ago @ 5:18 pm
Agreed! I just projected the new shader feature at a recent gig and it was awesome. VDJ rocks!

发表时间 24 hours ago
We have a wide range of DJ's here, some who are at it for a long time, some who haven't been, and some who are just starting out.

发表时间 7 hours ago