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话题: Wemix
Does anyone used that yet?

发表时间 Wed 17 Oct 18 @ 12:23 pm
I downloaded some trial videos and wasn't that impressed. Ron liked the service though. There was a thread a couple of weeks ago discussing video pools and the comments were in there.

发表时间 Wed 17 Oct 18 @ 1:04 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I would recommend Wemix and Xtendamix but start with VJ Pro if they will accept your membership of their pool. You will find out why very quickly.

You will need all three pools and perhaps even more.

发表时间 Wed 17 Oct 18 @ 1:58 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Why I recommend VJ Pro first is because I got around 4000 videos in just one month for £41 using their unlimited plan.
Almost 100 videos per £1 !
It took me 2.5 years to get 4000 videos but in the last month that number has climbed to a respectable 8000.
Thank you VJ Pro.
This may not last long.
I should keep my mouth shut and profit but it is not my way.
Most of the experienced DJ's here will be aware of this offer but keep silent.

Note: I have bullet holes in both my feet but at least I may help a few people.

发表时间 Mon 22 Oct 18 @ 3:06 pm
No Ron, you have just been very slow to this feature. If you took the time to look around this forum, you will find that VJPro, along with other video pools have been mentioned over and over again, for years by me and many others. I bought this program in 2005, just to do video. They have been selling this software longer than that, and in Europe. There are quite a few UK DJ's that have been doing video for a long time, so it's nothing new to the vast majority of those that have been interested in adding to their services.

发表时间 Mon 22 Oct 18 @ 9:18 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
No Ron, you have just been very slow to this feature.

I say you all have been hiding VJ Pro and the amazing unlimited downloads (as long as you don't take the p#ss).
Hm..VJ PRO has been occasionally been mentioned (but not by you, or those active on this forum now) but never the possibility of unlimited downloads. That's just for the so called elite boys..right.
Anyway give me a couple of forum links to posts to prove you right and me wrong. Easy..and you win.

发表时间 Tue 23 Oct 18 @ 7:41 am
If you took the time to look, you would find them, but that is not why you come here. You win because I don't play silly games. But again, takle the time to look before you open your mouth. Here. Here.

发表时间 Wed 24 Oct 18 @ 6:47 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I apologise since you did recommend VJ Pro all be it 5 years ago. That's important to me. However no one mentioned the unlimited downloads? One more link to such a post and I'll concede.

Would you accept a draw? lol

发表时间 Wed 24 Oct 18 @ 11:33 pm
Had a look at their site but nothing on there at all about an unlimited plan?

发表时间 Thu 25 Oct 18 @ 2:54 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Have you signed up and been accepted as a member of their pool?
It takes them around 24 hours to decide if you will be accepted.
You are obviously a pro DJ so there should be no problem.
Only then will you find out what's on offer.

Give them some money can't go wrong.
They also provide a huge number of free videos if you get the cheap plan !
That is what I did at first..then I upgraded and wow !
A lot of people who use this forum know about VJ Pro.
They are keeping quiet.

I've not been able to find any mention of unlimited downloads on this forum..but I did find a post on the Serato forum only it was just one word and the thread went dead. That was around a two / three year old post so its been on offer for some time. I still can't quite believe the service that VJ Pro offer. It's amazing!
They offer multiple versions of a song.. radio, beat mixable, short, club, remixes and tracks designed to enhance transitions with bpm's varying from say 128 to 90. You still need other pools to complete a video library. I don't have an up to date Wemix / Xtendamix subscription at the moment but I will have in the near future. VJ Pro is keeping me busy and is, and will remain, the core of my video library. I have deleted videos which I paid for because I felt VJ Pro supplied better.

发表时间 Thu 25 Oct 18 @ 10:44 am
Just signed up for the trial subscription. The unlimited subscription is there once you have a login.

I found the website to be a cluttered mess, downloads take forever (and I have a very fast connection) and there is very little UK or European older content at all.

For me Xtendamix is still far better.

发表时间 Thu 25 Oct 18 @ 11:03 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
They have 1080p videos and Xtendamix only have 720p. I have thrown a lot of Xtendamix videos away. Don't get me wrong..Xtendamix is very important to my video library. Hm.. it might be cluttered but I now love all the different versions of a song.
Have you paid ?
Typical Scot.. LOL

The downloads are normally very fast..I might have increased their business.
I've probably shot myself in both feet by telling everybody.

发表时间 Thu 25 Oct 18 @ 11:16 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Wemix are doing half price plans till the end of this week which are excellent value. I've just signed up for 3 months. Remember VJ Pro is excellent but it does not have some songs.
You need more than one pool.
I'm very happy !

发表时间 Fri 26 Oct 18 @ 4:31 pm