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话题: Karaoke track lyrics missing
I subscribed to the karaoke service and am a little disappointed to say the least.
Loads of songs that you'd hear at Karaoke events are not on there, yet there are loads of artists I've never heard of!? Is this an American based service because I don't think we've heard of a lot of them in the UK.
What's more frustrating is that a lot of songs don't have the lyrics in the videos. I know some have mentions in the catalogue as 'no lyrics' but loads of songs don't have that mentioned yet are missing the lyrics anyway!
A few examples are Hall and Oates - 'Maneater' and 'You Make My Dreams Come True', Jackson 5 - 'I Want You Back', The Knack - 'My Sharona'.
Additionally, why would a karaoke catalogue have songs listed as 'no lyrics'? Is this a licensing issue?

发表时间 Thu 11 Oct 18 @ 3:32 am