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话题: Video PoolS - Page: 2
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I hate seeing posts removed. It prevents the average forum reader from judging a thread and drawing a logical conclusion.

It was noticeable that not one experienced video DJ was prepared to recommend any pools.
Video is the trump card that Atomix hold and it might be being misplayed?

The future is video and the pools are essential to the DJ.

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 3:49 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
Ok so Mark has reached out to me to have a look at the catalog. We prefer to see positive comments on our forums OR constructive criticism. Thanks to all of you who have commented, we appreciate the time and effort you spend on our forums. With that being said, I will have a look and see what the fuss is about.

Stay tuned!

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 5:17 pm
bigron1 wrote :
I hate seeing posts removed. It prevents the average forum reader from judging a thread and drawing a logical conclusion.

It was noticeable that not one experienced video DJ was prepared to recommend any pools.
Video is the trump card that Atomix hold and it might be being misplayed?

The future is video and the pools are essential to the DJ.

posts are removed, leveled, or locked for various reasons - the average reader isn't the one who should be doing the judging. that's why there are admins and moderators.
and I can't believe how many times we've been over this one but once again:
the 'experienced video dj's have given plenty of recommendations over the years because video is not the future video has been for years and years.

does time pass slower on Planet Ron and if so will it upset the current relativity models and space-time theory as we know it?

video pools and services have had various recommendations in the forum going back so many years that even back in 2006 when I first was in here they were a thing - most on DVD like from Promo Only and the like - but you could get music videos on VHS - and that is what we were using in 98 when the place first opened and the first "video pools" had been around for even longer than that. I used to go to clubs in Syracuse in the mid 90's that were doing video and they had an entire wall of VHS and DVD they were using for video...

maybe it's your future but for the rest of us its very old news and was one of the reasons we went with VirtualDJ back in 2006.

and as for pools accepting video from dodgy sources - it happens. but pretty sure it's on them to do the checking on where their remixers' sourced it from.

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 7:43 pm
I worked with a 9 screen video wall in a club called Bensons in Aberdeen which I played in back around 1987/88. It had two very expensive JVC VHS video machines and a whole wall of tapes provided by a promo company. Even back then. Video DJing is nothing new in the slightest.

Our favourite videos (and the ones worn out on the VHS tapes) were Boys by Sabrina, Imagination by Belouis Some and Grls on film by Duran Duran. Planet Ron is spinning 30 years slower than planet Earth.

Here's a photo of the club around 1986 with the video wall clearly shown in the background.

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 7:52 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
"I worked with a 9 screen video wall in a club called Bensons in Aberdeen which I played in back around 1987/88. It had two very expensive JVC VHS video machines and a whole wall of tapes provided by a promo company. Even back then.

Video DJing is nothing new in the slightest."

The point is that video is now so affordable. Even your humble pub DJ can use the pub large screen TV and the cost of the videos is very small. So using VJPRO in the EU for £41 per month using a standard broadband connection you can have unlimited downloads! In practice that may work out about 400-500 videos per month. 10 videos per £1.

While the music industry is helping us transition to video I would strongly suggest you take them up on their kind offer.

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 8:14 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
The cat is out the bag.
I look forward to seeing lots of new video DJ'S.
May the best prosper!

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 8:19 pm
Some UK venues won't allow video because they need to pay extra for an additional PRS/PPL license apparently.

That doesn't stop the DJ from playing them, just outputting them to screens.

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 9:41 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
This is like Brexit..a scare story per minute.

They are cheap !

We have affordable large hdd and the average laptop can cope with HD video.
The icing on the cake is that we don't have to use the video output, just the audio, like a mp3.
Get them now..they might go up from maybe 10p to £2 before long.


发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 9:57 pm
bigron1 wrote :

Possibly for pub or function DJs but most "real" DJs play mixes not available on video and on software that doesn't play video.

You're not seeing the bigger picture Ron.

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 10:38 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 11:14 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010

发表时间 Thu 27 Sep 18 @ 11:18 pm
Maybe video is the future for bigron. He got started late, like really late. I must be in a different time warp because I went back to the future. The future for me started in 1987 very crudely. Just using VHS tape. In 1990, I gave up vinyl, and went to full CD. PromoOnly (a cd pool), hit the scene, and I went crazy. Shortly after they started a video pool. I had two small DVD players in the club, and thought I was the shet. I was, because the other DJs were still using vinyl, and thought video was just a passing fad. It was also expensive. Then PCDJ came out, and I was very skeptical of software, but then came the Numark DMC-1. So I say, this is the future and I'm all in.

I think Pioneer came out with their Pro DVD Player for $3500.00 in 2004. I was going to buy 2, but thought I would have to search through all the DVD's, just like I was doing with the CD's. So I waited, and in 2005 there was talk about video software. I went to Atlantic City, looked at all the options and felt they were all short. The last booth was VirtualDJ, and since I've told that story before, I won't bore you.

Needless to say, the future started for me that day. I only do video gigs. Even if the client can't afford the video package, I bring one monitor as a bonus, but also as advertisement for the other guest. I've had one loser who did not tip extra for my generosity.

So, if you are just getting started in video and video pools, it is the future for you. But for most of us here, we've already gone plaid. We have been helping all the new video DJ's for that same amount of time, which is evident in all the information that we give so freely on this forum. Since I have been here, the discussion about video pools has been extensive, just as much as audio pools. We used to rip them from DVD's, and that information came from this forum.

To my knowledge, no company representative from any of the legitimate pools, has come here to promote their product, in an outright sales pitch. I know they have answered questions, but if there was a sales pitch, it was leveled by somebody. I think that rule applies to most forums.

发表时间 Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 5:45 am
WeMixVJPRO InfinityWeMix FounderMember since 2018
Hi Everyone,

Again, it was not my intention to do a "sales pitch" and it's not great to see people arguing and bickering - we are all in this together and believe in video DJing and should be making positive and constructive comments based on fact to help each other...

The main point here is that WeMix has launched and video DJs now have another legal source for their videos.

Whilst I appreciate to comments about the quality, given the size and breadth of the library it was impossible to qc the entire library before launch. Unfortunately, as previously stated, historically, a lot of the record labels did not take very good care of the video side of their business and the quality is plain shocking, both in terms of video and audio. If anyone has an issue with a video, we have a REPORT tool to help you - this can be found in DOWNLOADS-DOWNLOAD HISTORY - look for the envelope icon at the end of the line. Not only will we look at the video in question and fix it asap if we deem there to be an issue, but we will re-credit you (obviously) as well as give you 5 free credits as a goodwill gesture for helping us to get things right. Rome wasn't built in a day and it has taken other pools years to get to this level.

Thanks for your help and support - as always I'm here to assist however I can.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Kind regards,


发表时间 Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 6:14 am
There are a few things I wanted to point out. This is a public forum, and there will always be disagreements, bickering, and arguments. Forums are a reflection of the real world, and it will not be sunshine and rainbows in here. So let's try to be realistic. All forums have moderators to keep it a bit civil, but we are not running a Sunday school. My main point is that video is not the future for most of us. If you are just realizing the power of video, you are late to the game. That's just my opinion. Video pools are not the future, they have been around for years.

I belong to more video pools than I even remember. However, all of the pools that I deal with have high quality products. I have plenty of videos that are old, so you can't expect HD from a 1920's to 1960's video from a TV show. But my clients don't expect that. All of my new stuff and most of the older stuff from pools have been edited, by great editors.

You are based in the UK, so hopefully you will be able to offer the DJ's there a good source. I don't know any of the Video DJ's on the other side of the world personally. However, I have come to respect most of them and their opinions, because they have helped me more than I can say.

发表时间 Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 6:44 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
The thing that these video veteran DJ's forget is that video is now affordable.
Adequate hardware is readily available and Joe Bloggs in the pub round the corner can put on a show using the pubs large screen TV.

Less than a year ago AMAHM made this post to a newbie seeking help :
"No, there is no way to legally do video without much cost. It cost a lot of money to produce these videos. They deserve to get a return on their investment. The same way you deserve a return on your investment, if you are making any. JonesTM, PromoOnly are two other video pools that are available.
Posted Sun 19 Nov 17 @ 6:22 pm"
This negative reply suggests that the videos are expensive to buy but they are cheap !

I've seen so many so negative posts from the few who don't see any future in video..really?

发表时间 Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 7:56 am
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003
There's a future for video for some DJs and some venues, but it's not for everyone and I think this will always be the case.

I've edited video and QC'd professionally for 8 years now, so I have a vested interest in video, but it's not something I use in my DJ sets very often to be honest, mainly due to the nature of the venues and the way they're set up.

Content is still and has always been the issue for many, club orientated DJs go through remixes, bootlegs and edits very quickly (adding/removing content at a high rate). Supplying that demand is an impossible task for one vendor, so most serious VJs have about 3 active subscriptions and will have to check other sites on top, just to stand half a chance of keeping up with the dedicated audio only DJ.

Editing video to a high standard takes a lot of time, not to mention rendering (as soon as you get into the realm of FX you can expect rendering times to get into hours rather than minutes) and during this time your computer is basically useless. I remember my American Psycho edit (for Halloween) from a few years ago, the render time on that was an all night job, then I'd find something I didn't quite like, re-render, I think I had to render the video 3 or 4 times, clearly I'm not in this for the money.

It's surprising how many sites have come on the scene over the years, and how few of them actually know what they're doing in terms of providing a high quality/usable end product to professional VJs, many of them banked on the VJs not knowing what they're doing, and to be fair most do not, there's one major player (whom I wont name) that's done very well for themselves, who spent their first 3 years of business pumping out videos in low quality and full of editing mistakes, I haven't been back since so I can't comment on where they are today.

发表时间 Mon 01 Oct 18 @ 1:59 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
The nature of the venues is critical !
If they do not have video capability then the only option is audio only. It then becomes a commercial issue..can the venues without video compete? I'm not the only one to suspect that putting on a complete interactive show is the future. In a venue I do just downstairs we have 10 large screen tv's and six or so dancing girls. This is supplemented by vocal / karaoke support.
Tŕansitioning between songs and remixing are skill sets which are the objectives of the likes of Adion. Moores law and artificial intelligence is likely to produce results way beyond human capability.

Only time will tell but I don't believe the status quo can be preserved..change is always needed to combat bordom.

发表时间 Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 7:01 am
Moore's law has stalled out ( ) and as for venues not being able to compete - if they can't afford to buy a few large tv's then they have other issues. even mobile dj's can afford to pack a few HD projectors or go with the cheaper but heavier option of even taking flat screens with them to gigs. extra work hauling but oh well that's the nature of the game.

and I realize i'm arguing stupid things like facts with someone who is convinced hes' right but honestly reading some of your responses is better than the comic strips.

发表时间 Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 7:25 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Good point about Moores law but computers will still keep on improving..AI appears to be something of a threat to mankind.

Your all so negative. Why?
The quality and variety of video pool content is increasing by the day !
Whatever the dominant music format is then that will have the largest content.
That will eventually be video and perhaps 3D further into the future.
Mp3 is on its way out.

You miss my point about competing..if they have video capability then it is ridiculous not to use it to the maximum. We are talking about a policy decision, audio only verses video.

发表时间 Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 8:50 am
It's not as easy as that.

As I said before, a lot of venues won't allow video as their entertainment licensing doesn't cover it. I know this because I asked an area manager from Stonegate about running my videos in the venue.

But as usual you don't listen.

发表时间 Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 9:04 am
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