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话题: Scratch DNA.. More info
So i'm a bit intrigued about this Scratch DNA

Where can i find out more info, i see you can automate scratches, i'm hoping you can record 'performed' scratches for later use but not sure how it all works??

Any info appreciated.

发表时间 Wed 13 Jun 18 @ 5:04 am

发表时间 Wed 13 Jun 18 @ 5:10 am
scratch DNA "over" function, if you turn off it, you can only hear the scratch sound. but the issue is when the effect end, it takes one beat back. If any possible, make it as slip mode, it will be great.

发表时间 Tue 10 Jul 18 @ 3:50 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Got something working for single press and slip when finished, will work on multipress.

发表时间 Tue 10 Jul 18 @ 4:01 pm
locodog, Thanks~ but it doesn't work out when I give the comment as ~ slip & effect_active 18 "Scratch DNA" while_pressed
Is there any suggestion for it?

发表时间 Tue 10 Jul 18 @ 4:23 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
slip on & effect_active "scratch dna" & repeat_start_instant "slipIsBetter" 33ms & effect_active "scratch dna" ? nothing : slip off & repeat_stop "slipIsBetter"

Thats just one button, I could rejig the default scratch pad page but am unsure if it will be accepted, I suppose I casn but try.

发表时间 Tue 10 Jul 18 @ 11:43 pm
Thanks!!!! it really works!!!! perfect~~

发表时间 Thu 12 Jul 18 @ 12:34 pm
lincol2PRO InfinityMember since 2011
The Vu meter jumps in red when the script is used, can you please modify it to reduce the gain when in use and reset gain to original setting?

发表时间 Fri 13 Jul 18 @ 3:06 pm