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话题: Pioneer ddj sb3 skin
please can we have a skin for the pioneer ddj sb3 which looks the same as the controller.

发表时间 Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 7:48 pm
Why do you think you need a skin that has exactly the same appearance as your controller? What's the point of having everything that's physically in front of you in real life, duplicated on the screen?

You do realise that any skin works with any controller, and doesn't need to look the same for it to work?

You have an actual piece of hardware, with knobs, faders, buttons & lights. You don't need those same knobs, faders, buttons & lights on the screen too. Layout wise it doesn't work anyway. If you literally had an exact image of the controller on screen, you'd have no room for a browser - the controllers are the same shape as a screen.

When you have a controller, the only thing you need on the screen is what's not on the controller. Song title & artist name, waveforms, BPM, elapsed & remaining time, key. Info about what your pads have on them. Info about effects, and of course the main library browser.

All the other stuff is there in real life on your controller.

发表时间 Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 8:48 pm
Since 2008 i have used my hercules rmx with the skin, having the skin is great when you have a touch screen laptop, having the screen with led lights on it saves you from having to look at the controller to set the levels, having a skin the same as the controller is just what i like. Do not get me twisted when i started djing it was with turn tables way back in the 80's on sound systems and clubs. While playing on turntables in clubs a lot of times you never got to technics 12/10 it would be a mix match sometimes one turn table didnt even have pitch control, I am just moving with the times and the only reason i upgraded my console is because my hercules rmx is not as good as newer controllers with better sound cards. Who ever made the skin for the hercules rmx did a great job!!!! Infact all the people who make skins for console keep it up and thank you for your work!!!! Can we get one for the Pioneer ddj sb3!!

发表时间 Sat 09 Jun 18 @ 8:16 am

发表时间 Tue 12 Jun 18 @ 5:35 pm
michealnice wrote :

HELP!!!!! the sb2 skin does not work right with the sb3 controller, does anyone else have issues

发表时间 Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 9:57 am
Please expand on “does not work right”.

发表时间 Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 11:48 am
When you press 1 of the 3 fx buttons at the top of the controller it mutes the music on that deck. when you turn the fx volume up it cuts out the music and the effect. The right hand deck does not spin when in full mode but the music does play. The right hand effect volume knob is blank. On the controller when you press the back pad it pauses the music as the skin thinks the controller is a sb2 and the same thing with the fast forward and rewind pad.

thank you for your help

发表时间 Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 4:49 pm
OK first of all - what SB2 skin? I just had a look and can't see one for download here.

If you found one online somewhere else then it's not an officially supported one because the Atomix team would not have checked it over for errors and approved it. Maybe that's why it doesn't work properly...

Also "the skin thinks the controller is a sb2" is not possible. Skins don't think. If you've plugged in an SB3 then VDJ will know it's an SB3 (check the mapping config) and it will be mapped accordingly.

Any (official approved) skin will work with any supported controller.

发表时间 Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 4:57 pm
i using DDJ-SB Rework 2 skin

the sb 1 and sb 2 do not have separate play and cue buttons like the sb3

发表时间 Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 5:54 pm