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话题: transfering drive between devices data base problem
can any body help i use pc to get all my songs and add them to the song data base (on external drive )but when i put the external drive on my laptop i have to maually add all the songs again is there away to have the database imported or to use the same one on both devices

发表时间 Fri 06 Apr 18 @ 11:27 am
I assume that you are meaning that you are analysing the songs for BPM, cue points etc on your desktop and then transferring the songs to your gig laptop and having to do it all again.
If that is the case then you run the same system of transfer that I do.
What I do is download the songs, add then to my folders, analyse them and set cue points etc.
Now what I do is copy and replace the XML file and it will then all be the same on my desktop and laptop, and then all the info is sync'd and the same on both machines.
There are probably easier ways to do it with some sort of sync program, but it only takes me a few moments and it works for me.

发表时间 Fri 06 Apr 18 @ 8:42 pm
MickyMix250 wrote :
copy and replace the XML file

There's no need to do that when using an external drive (which he is). The VDJ database is stored on the drive itself, so when you plug it in to another computer, all your data is there.

发表时间 Fri 06 Apr 18 @ 9:22 pm
Which xml file are you copying and it’s on hard drive but I still have to redue the add to search database when I conn3ct to my laptop my computer is on windows 7 as I like it better and is a bought version and my laptop is windows 10 and other is windows 8 would that make a difference

发表时间 Wed 18 Apr 18 @ 9:44 pm
Theres no dj software like virtual dj. I love this....

发表时间 Thu 19 Apr 18 @ 8:54 am