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发表时间 Tue 01 Nov 16 @ 1:09 pm
Hello, before everything, thanks for your skin!
I have the DDJ-SB and this skin is great for virtual dj, I just have a bug, the jog wheel 2 does not turn on your skin, but it works like it's rolling.... the skin does not make the wheel move... do you know how I can correct it? It will be great, it's the only thing i'm missing in this setup right now

发表时间 Thu 24 Nov 16 @ 3:07 am
Hello, before everything, thanks for your skin!
The jog wheel 2 not it works, how I can correct it?

发表时间 Tue 29 Nov 16 @ 11:27 pm
Hi, i need skins for ddj sb2 ... please

发表时间 Fri 05 May 17 @ 1:52 pm
Hello, I found your SB rework skin and it is by far the best I've seen. Do you have any plans to make a skin for the Pioneer DDJ-SB3?

发表时间 Fri 27 Apr 18 @ 2:19 pm
Deck 2/Jogwheel does not animate when a song is played. It seems this has already been noted, but I figured I should remind you. Aside from that I love this skin.

发表时间 Mon 03 Dec 18 @ 3:29 pm
The jogwheels is not running

发表时间 Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 6:06 pm
RayfishPRO InfinityMember since 2018
Hello, before everything, thanks for your skin!
The jog wheel 2 not it works, how I can correct it?

发表时间 Wed 02 Jan 19 @ 12:23 am
No animation when song is playing on jog wheel 1, Suggestion?

发表时间 Mon 14 Jan 19 @ 6:53 pm
awesome skin.
two things though,
1) jog wheel one not spinning in full mode (both spin in browse mode)

2) it would be good to see both tracks when using automix

发表时间 Tue 15 Jan 19 @ 3:39 am
I like this skin but is difficult to use. The Cue marks are hide behind the bar.

发表时间 Wed 16 Jan 19 @ 1:08 am
No animation when song is playing on jog wheel 1, Suggestion?

发表时间 Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 9:43 pm
love the skin but the jog wheel 2 dont move when song is playing or when u scratch. any fix on this or is their another version i can download.

发表时间 Sat 03 Aug 19 @ 12:22 am
The skin undoubtedly needs updating if there are problems with the jog wheels. I remember something changed in VDJ several years ago which affected the jog wheels.

However, there are hundreds of other skins you could use - many of which are far more recent and/or advanced.

发表时间 Sat 03 Aug 19 @ 6:47 am
Why is it when somebody ask for a skin or drops or anything to do with virtual dj they give them a hard time ..Like why would you want this or that..Somebody ask for a ddjsb3 skin ,whats the peroblem ?If can just make it if not jus say so you dont need to explain why anyone does or doesnt need a certain skin..We are supposed to be a team on here sharing our ideas and so forth.Wow some yall act like childrenmatter fact i wouldnt mind an ddj sb skin ma self just to add ti to the rest of the skins i have..Loli mean there is a ddjsb2 skin ..So why not!Any way stay safe peace!!!!

发表时间 Tue 05 May 20 @ 11:11 pm
Lovely skin, best for me but the problem is left deck not rotating while playing, have checked my vnyl setting over and over again but dis problem ain't fixed, have lots of skins buh luv dis most, pls help

发表时间 Sat 09 May 20 @ 2:19 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
inverted var tests :
1037: <panel name="joff" visibility="var '@$noroo' 1">
1073: <panel name="jonn" visibility="var '@$noroo' 0">

发表时间 Sat 09 May 20 @ 5:33 am
I actually know how to fix the problem in jogwheel, but in the recent update, I can no longer fix it. To VDJ 8.0 - 8.4 users, to fix the problem, just deactivate Vinyl Mode on second deck, then switch to Default Skin. After switching, activate vinyl mode again in second deck then switch again to this skin. (This technique doesn't function on VDJ2021)

发表时间 5 days ago @ 3:24 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Here is a minimal 14 lines patch to fix both jog as well as plate rotation
823: <panel x="+0" y="+0">
1038: <panel name="joff" visibility="var '@$noroo' 0">
1054: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation">
1064: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation" visibility="deck 1 touchwheel_touch" >
1074: <panel name="jonn" visibility="var '@$noroo' 1">
1080: <visual>
1091: <visual type="rotation">
1102: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation" visibility="deck 1 touchwheel_touch" >
1107: <off x="1833" y="1725"/>
1938: </panel>
2163: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation">
2173: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation">
2183: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation" >
2221: <visual type="rotation" source="get rotation" visibility="deck 2 touchwheel_touch" >

you may also need to fix menu items to utf8 lines 144 and up, lines 161 and up, line 837, 933, 1955, 2067, 4471, 4578, 4624 & 4736

发表时间 5 days ago @ 4:49 pm
.....or just use another skin :-)

发表时间 5 days ago @ 4:58 pm
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