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话题: Denon MC7000 controller - Page: 5
djxhalxPRO (OEM)Member since 2014
Well - 60fps has super smooth scratchwave movement whith is great for scratching or cue juggling. 30fps is ok, but not so smooth - staggering and jittering is sometimes visible, especially on asio drivers like Denon, or Traktor. Srsly - asio4all on low latency settings like 96 samples and 4ms buffer has something that none real asio driver can deliver on my setup.

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 6:38 pm
I still don't understand why you are using Asio4all. It's just an overlay to the WASAPI drivers that is something else to go wrong.

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 6:41 pm
djxhalxPRO (OEM)Member since 2014

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 6:42 pm
djxhalxPRO (OEM)Member since 2014
Wasapi don't deliver 60fps for some reason, and asio4all is super stable with my setup. Don't know why - maybe asio4all settings has more control over what sample and buffer size you can set to Wasapi which has none of that.

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 6:45 pm
I can't see the relationship between the sound drivers and the video (or skin) FPS. Different things entirely.

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 6:49 pm
djxhalxPRO (OEM)Member since 2014
The relationship is - the lower the latency and better efficiency in drawing more frames per second to match the audio latency without stuttering - the smoother the experience :)

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 7:03 pm
What? I don't see the relationship either. Is this statement based on fact, or something that you think is happening?

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 7:52 pm
djxhalx wrote :
The relationship is - the lower the latency and better efficiency in drawing more frames per second to match the audio latency without stuttering - the smoother the experience :)

Waves are from your GPU where as sound is from your CPU (at least that's how I understand it).

No relation....

Both my video and skin are set to 60fps.

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 8:08 pm
Yo, that's the shet right there. I just checked my skin fps on my home pc and it was at 30. Changed it to 60, and no more jerky waveform. I will have to see what my gig machine is. I don't worry about CPU, if my machine does not cut off, I don't care if it's using 99%. Thanks for the tip. This is why I come to the forum, to learn new stuff. My video has always been at 60fps.

发表时间 Tue 31 Jan 17 @ 8:39 pm
djxhalxPRO (OEM)Member since 2014
Well, there must be a relation - if I use wasapi or denon asio drivers - there is visible waveform stuttering on lower latency settings. There is none on asio4all. Maybe it's just my hardware setup, maybe it's something else - point is - it works very well, both audio performance and visual + stability.

发表时间 Thu 02 Feb 17 @ 2:52 am
D2thaCPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Has anyone had an issue with their videos disappearing after you move the crossfader over?

发表时间 Thu 20 Jul 17 @ 5:27 pm
Check the video crossfader settings.


videoVolumeLink set to yes will black out the video if the line fader is down.

发表时间 Thu 20 Jul 17 @ 5:44 pm
The reason for using 60 FPS for both skin and video for smoothness is this:

Most of the time, your monitor refresh rate is 60. It is fairly easy for the software to match that rate except in case where your machine (CPU or GPU) is too slow or you have something running that burdens the machine badly. 60 FPS is almost like a default rate for DirectX assuming refresh rate is 60. So using 60 it is easiest for the software to deal with.

You must match that rate to get smoothness and no tearing. It would be ok to use 30 FPS but that can be hard to achieve. There is no setting for it in DirectX except when using hardware full screen mode. VDJ does not use it anyway. Never mind on that though. If you set video and skin FPS to 30 in VDJ you will most likely not get 30 FPS but something like 32 to 33 which is not an exact multiple of 60. This causes choppy behavior because it would be missing frames but it is best scene when scrolling something horizontally. You will not notice it when playing a video most of the time. If you make either the skin or video FPS something other than 60, then that can interrupt the other and also cause choppy behavior. It is possible to achieve an exact 30 FPS but not in the arbitrary way VDJ is doing it. The timing is critical and can vary depending on several factors.

This smoothness factor has nothing to do with what a practical frame rate for a video might be. Normally 25 frames per second is fine for a video but that is not relevant to achieving smoothness in this case.

There are some other factors but not going into it now. Also the skin drawing has always been a burden on your machine in VDJ8. If you have a fast machine and good GPU you won't notice it too much. They are addressing this with experimental skin drawing but it is not complete yet and can be a problem depending on your OS setup and some other things.

发表时间 Thu 20 Jul 17 @ 6:37 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

So for all you busy DJs who purchased the 7000 early, how are the switches holding up?

发表时间 Wed 02 Aug 17 @ 12:42 am
Mine is all good as they were since day one.

And, if I may add, all the controller features in my workflow are flawlessly supported by VDJ. MC7k with VDJ has never failed me!

发表时间 Wed 02 Aug 17 @ 9:37 pm
help :-( my current setup up laptop windows 7, intel core i7, 16mb of ram & 2TB SSD hard drive. two denon SC3900's and American Audio mixer 14MXR been djing with this well over 5 years no problems. just got my brand new Denon Mc7000 tuesday 8-1-17 and tonight ive been testing & practicing (i have a wedding to dj sat) and want to take my new unit... but while mixing & stuff i lost all sound.the lights are still going around the platters, jog wheels on the skin are still moving & tyme remain/ elapsed is still counting down... but no sound coming out of my speaker.. all lever meters are showing music signal but not even sound out of my headphones... so i closed out VDJ and rebooted it and picked a song and all is back to normal... but now im scared to dj with it sat cant have music just cut out at a wedding.. please advise thanx

发表时间 Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 5:18 am
here are my settings ? will changing the preferred buffer size & or skin fps from 30 to 60 help with my issue ?

发表时间 Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 12:22 pm
I've put my comments in your other thread.

发表时间 Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 12:43 pm
@djtyme, I have the same audio setting.

The time I had a situation akin to yours was when, unknowingly, I accidentally nudged the crossfader with the back of my hand to the other side, so it was complete silence. First time it happened in a gig, I thought it was the power to the speakers but after half-a-minute of checking, I realized that it was dumb me.

But yours I understand happened unattended. Human error aside, it's a solid piece of equipment and, as I've said, VDJ works with it flawlessly.

发表时间 Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 2:16 pm
kradcliffe wrote :
I've put my comments in your other thread.

Sorry about double post sir. I after I posted in Ver 8.2 tech help I came across this thread.. Sorry about that

发表时间 Thu 03 Aug 17 @ 3:11 pm
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