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Hi all,

in Automix-Mode it is not possible to set a fixed BPM for the List, just fixed percentage of the Pitch.

F.e.: I want a mix in 128 BPM and using tracks with (original) 120-130 BPM, but at the moment the tempo varies between the songs.
It would be great to set the BPM to 128 and the Automix varies the Pitch-Percentage - perhaps only in Dual-Deck-Automix.

Is it possible to set an option, which mix-routine I want to use ?

Best regards,

发表时间 Wed 13 Jul 16 @ 2:10 pm
CannenPRO InfinityMember since 2016
I don't think that's possible with VDJ. However, one thing that you could try is to put your songs into the automix list. Then, sort them by BPM. Depending on the mood, go from slow to fast or fast to slow.

If you do that, then the BPM difference between tracks won't be that noticeable. Once you have your list organized, you can rearrange things a bit. Keep similar BPMs together though. I think it's recommended that you don't make more than a 2-5 BPM difference between tracks.

Hope that idea helps a little.

发表时间 Wed 13 Jul 16 @ 2:51 pm
Not really, because of the harmonic mixing :-)
That's the reason for the different BPM's.

And that's a wish from me for a future release :-)))

发表时间 Wed 13 Jul 16 @ 3:04 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I think I solved this one a while ago,

raypitman [germany] is the man to ask as he's the one who used the solution, I haven't seen him online for a while

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 8:03 am
Hey Loco,
I'm still around, but I think that the OP wants the mix to remain at a constant BPM of let's say 128, whereas your super bit of scripting just maintains a constant pitch deviation thru the whole playlist.
With the right settings it's possible to achieve what Ragman is asking for semi manually, but it doesn't work(or at least I havn't found a way of doing it) in AM.
So +1 from me for his suggestion

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 10:29 am
Hey Ray,

you're absolutely right. That's what I want :-)


发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 10:55 am
+1 on this

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 11:19 am
so to explain it more clearly, in the hope that the devs can understand what we want(language is often a barrier)
at present in AM(with BPM match enabled) the outgoing track and the incoming track get matched through a combination of BPM + and - in the middle of the transition, but the incoming track returns to its original BPM.

So what is being asked for here is the option to have only the incoming track to match the BPM of the outgoing track(without that changing)

hey presto ... AM fixed at a constant BPM value, and lots of happy campers 'cause I'm sure that I've seen this being talked about a lot on the forum over the years ;-)

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 1:07 pm
Little correction: At the moment both tracks are going to the Pitch-Percentage in relation of the original BPM of the incoming track.

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 1:57 pm
@ Ragman
yeah, I think that's the same thing just said in different words LOL
at the end of the day it just comes down to having the new track come in automatically at the exact same BPM of the outgoing track, or have I missed something there?

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 2:05 pm
Nothing missed :-)
The incoming track has to run completely on the same BPM of the outgoing track.

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 16 @ 2:14 pm
So the config setting autoBPMMatch doesn't keep all the tracks at the same BPM?

发表时间 Sat 16 Jul 16 @ 7:44 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
no, it will match bpm on load but as the mix starts the incoming track will pitch up or down back to quartz [or as close as it can given the delta and the cross over time] [the out going will also lock to the change]

I've tried a few work arounds [ a rsi script 'fighting' automix with the pitch slider] but I've not found a consistent solution

发表时间 Sat 16 Jul 16 @ 6:43 pm
Are there any news about that ?

发表时间 Tue 29 Nov 16 @ 5:04 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I'll see what I can can knock up, an new idea is taking root.

发表时间 Wed 30 Nov 16 @ 1:44 pm
Hi, guys! Since it's been a while since this thread was started, I'd like to ask if there is any progress in this matter that we could hear about? I'm really longing for that automix constant bpm feature... :)

Thx in advance!

发表时间 Mon 25 Dec 17 @ 4:14 pm
I also would like to have a BPM Lock in the automix.

发表时间 Tue 03 Apr 18 @ 10:47 am
Nice to see this Option in the Future too.


发表时间 Tue 03 Apr 18 @ 11:22 am
asking since years for it and nothing is goin on ..
there is a script that is doin something, but not beatlocking the tracklist. ( bpm is jumpin up and down )
may someone who has better knowlegde about scripts can do the modification on that one.

var_equal "AMpWA" 0 ? off & set "AMpWA" 1 & repeat_start_instant "AMpitcher" 33ms & load_pulse ? repeat_start_instant "pitchRem" 1000ms 1 & pitch & param_cast & set "AMpitch" : get_var "AMpitch" & param_cast & pitch : blink & set "AMpWA" 0 & repeat_stop "AMpitcher"

发表时间 Tue 03 Apr 18 @ 2:15 pm
Still missing in the new version 2018 ...

发表时间 Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 10:01 am
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