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Info :
activating new modes just hold the mode button down until it flashes. Manual loop now operates the same way without the need for shift. new modes....hold HOT CUE, now becomes HOT CUE ROLL, hold AUTO LOOP, now becomes SLICER MODE. While in hot cue roll mode, the fx dials will change the length of the roll. In slicer mode the fx dials also effect the roll and step. While in slicer mode hold autoloop + shift and the slice will go in to a 8 beat loop, push again to return to the slicer.

发表时间 Thu 18 Jun 15 @ 2:08 pm
version 1.2

added 4 deck control- just push on the left or right deck's PFL to change between left deck 1 and 3 and right deck 2 and 4.

Holding the mode buttons down will change slightly faster than version 1

发表时间 Wed 24 Jun 15 @ 1:19 am
Version 2.1

Added Slicerloop mode , hold shift whilst in Slicer and the new SlicerLoop mode is activated. All LEDs will now illuminate while in this mode except for the active Slice. By default it is set to loop 8 (note...Loop will no longer work in normal Slicer mode.) to exit the Slicerloop mode just press the Autoloop menu button.

发表时间 Fri 05 Feb 16 @ 10:37 am
Version 2.2

Added Hotcue + this mode you have access to your hotcues. Hold shift and the Hotcue menu button to activate the HotcueSlicer mode. In this mode you have access to all of your hotcues, simply hold shift and the Hotcue pad you wish to activate release and you can now slice from that point in the song without changing modes. Note in this mode you can not Delete Hotcues, to delete return to either Hotcue or Hotcueroll mode as normal. All LEDs light up in this mode except for the active slice.
Hotcue menu button will flash faster while in this mode.

Added loop select to SlicerLoop mode. Activation as per last update but now while in this mode you can choose loop size. Hold shift and choose from 2 to 16 beat loop from the bottom 4 pads. All LEDs light up in this mode except for the active slice.
Autoloop menu button will flash faster in this mode.

发表时间 Mon 15 Feb 16 @ 7:25 am
Version 2.2 awaiting approval

发表时间 Mon 15 Feb 16 @ 7:26 am
3.0 final awaiting approval........

1) Hotcue and hotcue roll remain the same
2) Holding Autoloop Menu Button now activates AudioCut 8 Pad control, wet and dry still controlled by PAR 1 dial.
(note: you will need to download SBDJ'S Audiocut 8 plugin for this function to work)
3) Holding Sampler Menu Button now activates Slicer & Holding shift and pressing Sampler Menu Button Activates Slicer-loop
4) Holding Loop-roll Menu Button Now Activates Filter-roll. ( note: This function is controlled by the stock filter, If you have another filter that you use in its place you will have to alter the mapping to suit your needs.) Holding a button will now activate both a roll and a low pass filter at the same time, Leds now flash when each Pad is pressed.
5) Manual loop is back to its original mapping
6) Changing from decks is now controlled by the Cross assign buttons on either side of the cross fader 1 Left A,2 Left C,1 Right B & 2 Right D. the bottom cross assign buttons will flash when you are in channel 3 or 4.

Happy mixing.....

发表时间 Sat 26 Mar 16 @ 2:13 am