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话题: Mixing different BPMs
zarks712ControlleristMember since 2014
I've been mixing for the last 6 months and still haven't fully gotten down the tricks on how to mix 128 BPMs to down to a 100 or even 70/80s. During when I play I'd like to go from House to say twerk or even rap, I just can't fine tune a good transition smoothly. If someone could show me through a video that would be awesome, but I'll still take advice from a written post. Thanks!

发表时间 Mon 23 Feb 15 @ 2:34 pm

发表时间 Tue 24 Feb 15 @ 9:43 am
zarks712 wrote :
During when I play I'd like to go from House to say twerk or even rap, I just can't fine tune a good transition smoothly

When you play a song that is a lot different than the previous, you should not even try to sync and fade them because especially with rap and house it can end in a disaster.
You can try to use half time songs (try to mix Animals with Dark Horse, it works pretty good!) That have the "same speed" but half beats.
If the next track has a BPM that you can not mix no matter how hard you try, you should consider letting the first song end and then using some samples / effects to break the rythm and play the other song. For instance you can use the backspin fx to achieve this effect of "breaking the rythm" without annoying the crowd.

发表时间 Sun 29 Mar 15 @ 3:28 pm
Gh0$tahHome userMember since 2018
I realize this post been old. What I usually do is load my playlist on Automix. And set it to Smart mix type. Start the automix and hit the "mix now" command on keyboard or short cut Pads. If the two song are mixed compatibe you will see on the wave form of the current song on top, and next song on bottom will both has a long white shaded section. If it has that I move on to next track on list, and either re-arrange order on playlist or loaded a different song to list so that all songs are compatible. Once done, Save playlist. And you're good to go for jam session with songs that are beat match, keymatch, and harmonic to each other. No matter how you jam, it will sound great. "Note" Video files, will sound alot better compare to Audio. I do all my mix in webm format. VDJ will record and broadcast it in Dolby sound, compare to Audio mix only

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