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话题: slicer mod G2V mapping


发表时间 Fri 12 Dec 14 @ 8:02 pm
slicer will work with Autoloop. First select the loop you need ie: 4bar the press shift autoloop and the slicer will activate to exit press autoloop again and the pad you selected.
Loop roll will not operate if the slicer effect is active. Press off on the Fx button and loop roll will work once more.

Happy Slicing

发表时间 Fri 12 Dec 14 @ 8:08 pm
Have added Hold to the slicer in version 1.1

hold a pad during the slice press shift and it will hold it at that position. press another pad and it will move to that part of the slice holding at that position until you press the highlighted pad, once the highlighted pad has been pressed it will return you to the slicer.

发表时间 Fri 26 Dec 14 @ 4:18 am