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话题: DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8
DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8.2
4-Deck Skin Set w/(3-1L-R2-4) Mixer Channel Layout
Skin thread: http://www.virtualdj.com/forums/172347/VirtualDJ_Skins/_Complement_Skin_Set__DN-MC6000_Pro__.html

First off FULL credit goes to Ruben (DJ Lunatico) for creating such a professional and feature rich skin for the DN-MC6000.
This skinset is for VirtualDJ 8 and will not load on v7. I have actually upscaled Ruben's original artwork as best I could and fixed the most noticeable blemishes resulting from the resizing process.


You will need the available v8 (3-1L-R2-4) controller MAPPER file for all features to work correctly, see below.

- True "Controller-to-Skin" (3-1L-R2-4) mixer channel configuration with the use of the available controller mapper file, see below.
- Indicators for Smart Play, Smart Cue, Slip Mode, Protected Cue, Master Channel Active Limiter
- Synchronized transport control lighting with the use of the controller MAPPER file
- You can use the controller's "Shift + Deck Chg." to toggle among the different FX panels for each deck

Additional notes:
- Required v8 controller Mapper file is available in the CONTROLLERS section:
- Only the primary "Main FX Panel" offers Controller operated controls, all others are soft funtions, meaning you need to use the GUI/mouse.
- See MAPPER readme file for additional controller activated functions.
- Bug reports or feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


*** Revision history ***
Version 8.2 changes:
- Misc. minor cosmetic issues fixed
- Added button to open effect sideview (righlick on effect activate [FX 1])
- Added button to open sampler sideview (rightclick on sampler play [SAMP.])
- The defaults are now deck1 & deck 2 and normal sized browser every time VDJ is started

Version 8.1 changes:
- Fixed 1-2-3-4 mixer channel order
- Added BROWSER button
- Added SLIP & ROLL buttons
- Added CLONE function by rightclicking on the SLIP button
- Fixed clock not showing on Macs
- Added wavecolors options to WAVE button

Version 8.0 changes:
- First version for Virtual DJ 8

发表时间 Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 9:23 am
nymatPRO InfinityMember since 2009
nice skin buddy, been waiting for a skin for ages and this just might make me start using vdj8 now lol. its got all the features that i want on there :)

发表时间 Sun 10 Aug 14 @ 7:29 pm
DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8.3

*** Revision history ***
Version 8.3 changes:
- Value of Effect Parameters now correctly show their value as opposed as showing some percentage value at all times.
- Other minor cosmetic improvements.

发表时间 Tue 07 Oct 14 @ 1:13 am
DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8.4

*** Revision history ***
Version 8.4 changes:
- Converted Rhythm window to v8
- Added Scratchwave to Rhythm window

发表时间 Mon 13 Oct 14 @ 2:21 am
Great skin.

Any chance you could add some custom buttons in the browser next to the search bar?

Apart from that a joy to work with - thank you.


发表时间 Mon 30 May 16 @ 10:16 pm

发表时间 Sun 21 May 17 @ 5:16 am