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话题: New iRemote skin: Performance Pad (for iPad)
Hello all,

The first release of my new skin "Performance Pad" for iRemote (for iPads) is available for download:

Inspired by midi controllers such as the Novation Launchpad, this skin is designed to allow you to easily perform live remixing and quickly access your samples.

There's two modes of operation.

The "Hot Cue" page gives you 20 hot cues per deck using large buttons to encourage easy live remixing. Switch between up to 4 decks using the deck selection buttons. Delete hot cues on the fly by toggling the delete button.

"Sampler" page (toggle between pages using the bottom left button) makes 12 sampler slots available, each with individual controls to Loop, "Sync" (beat match), Stop, and Record. Lock accidental recording by engaging "Lock Rec" and pick between deck 1 or 2 for recording. A volume control sets the volume for the most recently played sample*.

(*in a future version I'd like the volume control to change volume for all sample slots simultaneously but iRemote seems to struggle with this)

I've been playing with it doing some live remixing and it works pretty well. The only caveat is that you have to press the buttons a fraction of a second earlier than you would on a hard-wired MIDI controller because of the lag of it going wirelessly, and iRemote sorely misses multi-touch support, but it has a lot of possibilities for use if you can't afford an extra MIDI controller with pads.

Hope some of you find it useful. Comments welcome...

发表时间 Wed 31 Jul 13 @ 3:30 am
saXinghControlleristMember since 2011

发表时间 Mon 26 Sep 16 @ 9:58 pm
I'm afraid this isn't part of the skin but it would be pretty easy to edit the bitmap file (assuming you always wanted to use the same labels).

发表时间 Tue 27 Sep 16 @ 6:50 am
saXinghControlleristMember since 2011
Ah ok, I'm no programmer so would find this an almost impossible task... is there someone you could recommend to help achieve creating the edit? Many thanks!

发表时间 Tue 27 Sep 16 @ 9:32 am
Just find the directory the plug in was installed into and edit the .bmp files in Paint. If you're not sure where on the file system they've been installed just search from the top-level directory of your drive for "page0.bmp". Also, if you look for the XML files (e.g. "page0.xml") and edit them in a text editor you'll see pretty clear definitions of the buttons (which comprise of an "action" which is a VDJ ,macro), the size of the button area, and the coordinates of the button when selected and when pushed down. Good luck! :-)

发表时间 Tue 27 Sep 16 @ 9:35 am