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话题: Back-up External Hard Drive ???


What software do you guys use to create backups for your external drive. Just in case (god forbid, my worst nightmare) something would happen and the drive crashes and I can't access my mp3 files. I own a couple drives, and would like to have one that's my every gig normal use drive, have one be a top hits from all genres I cover drive as a back up that I carry to gigs, and a 3rd to be my safety net drive to keep at home in a safe place in the event that I need it.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish that? Is there a software with a good sync/backup routine that any of you guys use?


发表时间 Tue 17 May 11 @ 11:28 pm
....just use your built in Windows Bkup and Restore feature...U can schedule a bkup once a wk or more.......Use "Run" cmd....type backup......and then click into bkup and restore....ur all set!.....

发表时间 Sun 12 Jun 11 @ 10:10 pm

发表时间 Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 2:53 pm
Depending on how large your music files are, let me make a few suggestions -

(1) Drag and Drop all your music files onto an external drive and store it someplace safe. If you live someplace with annual weather events (floods, tornado, etc) then consider putting it in a bank or a relative that lives in a dry climate. You don't need to use Window's backup utility.

(2) If you're constantly adding to your collection (and most of us are), you might wanna consider a NAS (Network Attached Storage). These usually run in some form of RAID which protects your data in the event a hard drive fails. Its also seen as a shared folder on your Windows machine. Its like having an external hard drive, but its on your network and your access times to files are much shorter over 802.11g wireless or Ethernet Connection.

NAS boxes are fairly cheap, you can get a Netgear NAS box for $80 and pick up a couple of 1TB drives for $50 each. You can also buy hard drives already setup to be NAS for about $150 (1TB).

(3) Backup to Dual Layer DVD's - This should take a minute (read: hours) and a few disc...

(4) ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE (OS)! Use a few program like Clonezilla (Google it!), but it on a flash drive (assuming your machine will boot from USB) or put it on a CD. Clone or make an imagine of your hard drive and store it someplace safe. Clonezilla works with a network as well so you can have your machine crash, boot up Clonezilla and restore your hard drive from your NAS you set up earlier.

发表时间 Thu 16 Jun 11 @ 11:28 am