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话题: Stream Unavailable
Good day! I've been using net search but all of a sudden I can see the songs from the search but It won't stream. I keep receiving a stream unavailable error. Is the system down? I'm currently using 7.0.2 and my Internet is functional. I have a gig tonight and I'm relying on that feature. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


发表时间 Fri 13 May 11 @ 11:38 am
djraszaPRO InfinityMember since 2005
I believe you must have the full pro version for that feature to work.

发表时间 Sat 14 May 11 @ 11:27 am
i have the same problem ,,, i need get vritual dj to refund my money

发表时间 Tue 16 Aug 11 @ 1:07 am
Virtual DJ won't refund money to you.

发表时间 Thu 18 Aug 11 @ 9:03 pm
I'm having the same issue with Video Stream (karaoke).. Started Friday Night with no warning and no resolution as yet.. I know it's the weekend but... isn't that when most DJ's are working and need use of the services provided (and PAID FOR)?

发表时间 Sat 20 Aug 11 @ 5:50 pm
I use a Mixtrack Pro and I bought Virtual DJ Broadcaster so I can access to all the effects and samples downloads. After I spend $50 on the software it says "cant use midi controller but for 10 minutes at a time" it doesnt work. Thats the most Ive ever felt ripped off and monday Im call Atomix to talk about a refund for this useless software.

发表时间 Sat 21 Jan 12 @ 5:59 pm
I don't think Atomix would rip you off (or anyone else for that matter)
You will have to be more specific about your problem, so we can try and help you.

发表时间 Sun 22 Jan 12 @ 5:05 am
i am having a issue,, my VDJ wont stream live.. it keep say summen about unresponsive (record) i need help asap i ave my online station to run

发表时间 Wed 11 Apr 12 @ 9:28 pm
i cant run my online radio becuz my vdj wont work its connected to the braodcasting feeed but jus wont respond

发表时间 Wed 11 Apr 12 @ 9:37 pm
I keep getting streamline error everytime i try to load a song into any deck. I can search the song but cant play it

发表时间 Sun 28 Jul 13 @ 11:33 am
You shouldn't rely so heavily on a service which is there for emergency use only.

If you really need the song, I would suggest buying it.

发表时间 Sun 28 Jul 13 @ 2:05 pm

It's funny that you say that a dj "shouldn't rely" on a service that he/she is paying good money for. If all of my ducks are in a row I.E I have the proper verson of software, I have a good strong internet connection, and my connect unlimited is paid up to date. I should be able to rely on a service I am paying good money for. I would agree with you 100% if the service was a added bonus on the software. Since it is not I should be able to rely on a paid service. You have insurance for emergancy's. Well if in the event of an emergancy my "air bag" does not deploy, what good is it?

发表时间 Mon 23 Sep 13 @ 5:01 pm
I have the same problem for about a month now. If the little globe is blue, I can play the song, if it's gray, I get ERROR in DECK 1 or 2, whichever I load it in and get the Stream Unavailable. The gray globes always worked, now they don't. Does anyone have an answer for this?

发表时间 Sun 24 Nov 13 @ 2:57 pm

发表时间 Sun 24 Nov 13 @ 5:00 pm
Thanks Sup Staff... That seemed to fix it. Oh, I do not rely on just VDJ downloads for my music or I would be lost! Once in a while it's nice to find something quick without carrying all my externals and CD's. ;) Waiting patiently for 8.0. It's going to have things I'm very familiar with. Another quick question... (might not be in the right place, but since I'm here) I have been backing up my whole VDJ folder once a month. Is that overkill or do I just need the v6 xml only?? I DO NOT EVER want to lose all my que points and playlists and so on. Happened to me once... ONCE! Thanks in advance!

发表时间 Thu 26 Dec 13 @ 1:37 pm
Cue points are stored in the VirtualDJ database XML but playlists, plugins and tracklistings (history) are separate. Backing up your entire VirtualDJ folder on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that you have everything. If you use external hard drives, make sure that you also backup the local database XML file from the root of the drive.

发表时间 Fri 27 Dec 13 @ 6:48 pm
djtee1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
I'm curious why people keep talking about this "free" Personaly, I am paying $10 a month for this service. What am I missing??

发表时间 Sat 01 Mar 14 @ 4:25 pm
Your $10 per month pays for subscription content from Grooveshark (The Content Unlimited\Audio folder)

As a free bonus, you also get access to search for and stream/cache content from various (legal) free sources on the Internet (The Content Unlimited\NetSearch folder.) This content is free for audio and/or video subscribers and may become unavailable from time to time due to changes made by the 3rd party providers to their servers.

发表时间 Sat 01 Mar 14 @ 5:15 pm
how do I get idjpool on my virtual dj pro software im pay 10.00 a month and I cant seem to able to use it. can somebody help

发表时间 Wed 22 Apr 20 @ 12:16 am