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话题: [UPDATE] New VirtualDJ ver 7.04


djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Updated Version 7.04

Download link

  • changed default JogSensitivityScratch to 200% (on fresh installs)
  • new registry JogSensitivityScratchMotor (default 100%) for separate setting for motorized platter
  • fixed a potential bug in ID3 tag writter
  • fixed double \ in paths with new installer (caused sonique plugins not to open)
  • fixed crash in coverflow when height was exactly 1 pixel
  • release hold on touch_jogwheel when switching vinyl_mode
  • fixed pitch_range brings the pitch of all decks in range
  • fixed sampler switches automatically to "pitch-lock" when a loop is recorded
  • CD and network volumes don't show error popup when browsed (to still get login popup for network drives, hold CTRL while clicking on the drive)
  • fixed rare crash when deleting a cue point
  • fixed a possible crash when using several HID controllers and disconnecting one
  • MAC: fixed changing latency settings
  • new registry AutoPitchRange to change the range when needed by a bpm-match
  • new vdjscript: "get decks" or "get decks 4 ? ..."
  • new vdjscript: "get effect_button_name" and "get effect_slider_name"

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