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Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RX3 - Layout  


The 8 Pads offer various functions, depending on the selected Pad mode. Each of the 4 Pad mode buttons offers 2 individual modes. One with the press of the mode button, and an additional mode with press of the mode button while SHIFT is held down. The 8 modes represent a page of the PADS section on the default VirtualDJ GUI.

  1. PAD MODE. Press any of the 4 available Pad mode buttons to set the Pads to one of the following modes

    [HOTCUE] : Hotcues page
    [BEAT LOOP] : Loops page
    [SLIP LOOP] : Loop Roll page
    [BEAT JUMP] : BeatJump page.

    [SHIFT] + [HOTCUE] : KeyCue page
    [SHIFT] + [BEAT LOOP] : Saved Loops page
    [SHIFT] + [SLIP LOOP] : Slicer page
    [SHIFT] + [BEAT JUMP] : Sampler page

    All the above pre-assigned pages can be changed. See VirtualDJ Manual

  2. PADS. The 8 Pads offer different functionality depending on the selected mode.

The Parameters of each mode can be adjusted from the VirtualDJ GUI (Pads section)

Note: Due to hardware limitation, the Split Page feature is not supported.

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ manual