Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RX - Layout  


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the channels assigned to the left and right side of the crossfader.

  2. CROSSFADER CURVE ADJUST. Adjusts the curve of the crossfader.

  3. VOLUME. Adjust the Volume of each channel.

  4. COLOR FX PARAMETER. Adjust the parameter of the selected COLOR FX for each channel. When in middle position, the COLOR FX has no effect on the sound.

  5. HIGH/MID/LOW (EQ). Adjust the High, Mid and Low frequencies for each mixer channel.

  6. TRIM. Adjust the Gain of each mixer channel. Note that the "zero gain / park" position is 12 o clock.

  7. INPUT SELECTORS. Define the source of each Channel. Put the switchers to DECK1 or DECK2 position for software mixing.

  8. CH INPUT & MASTER VUMETERS. Shows each channel's input (pre fader) volume on each side. Shows master output volume on center (hardware operation)

  9. LOAD. Loads the currently selected track on the deck.

  10. BROWSE.
    Turn: Scrolls through files or folders.
    Push: If the focus is on Folders list, it switches focus on Songs list. If focus is on Songs list it loads the selected track on the first free deck.

  11. BACK. Sets focus to the Folders list. If focus is on the Folders list, it opens and closes subfolders.

  12. TAG TRACK. Opens the Tag Editor window to enter/edit information for the selected track on the browser.

  13. BROWSE. Press this button in order to see the Songs list on the screen of XDJ-RX and browse for tracks.

  14. INFO. Press this button to see more information about the loaded tracks on each deck.

  15. CUE (PFL) (per channel) Press these buttons to send each channel to the Headphones Output channel.

  16. HEADPHONES VOLUME. Adjust the volume of the Headphones Channel.

  17. HEADPHONES MIXING. Adjust how the Channels and the Master Output blend at the Headphones Channel. Hardware operation, but movement visible on the VirtualDJ GUI.

  18. SOUND COLOR FX. Select one of the Color Effects to be applied on each deck when using the "Color FX Parameter" knob (4). Please note that not all Color FX are supported.

  19. FX ON/OFF. Activate/Deactivate the selected effect on the selected channel.

  20. FX DEPTH. Adjust the first parameter of the selected effect on the selected channel.

  21. FX TIME. Adjust the second parameter of the selected effect on the selected channel.

  22. FX CH SELECT. Select at which channel the selected effect will be applied.

  23. FX SELECT. Select an effect to be applied on the selected channel. Please note that not all effects are supported.

  24. TAP. Tap this button a few times in order to calculate a new BPM for the selected channel.

  25. BEAT. Adjust the length (in beats) of the selected effect on the selected channel (only for effects that support this function)

  26. MIDI. Prepares XDJ-RX for communication with PC software. Press this button once and then press the LOAD buttons (9) in order to set each deck in PC communication mode.

  27. TIME MODE. Press this button to cycle the display between Elapsed and Remain time modes.

  28. DECK 1/2. Press this button to access the second layer of deck of XDJ-RX (decks 3 & 4)

  29. QUANTIZE. Press this button to toggle Quantize on/off. When Quantize is enabled, setting loops, jumping between hot cue points and starting playback of the deck will snap to the grid (CBG) of the track

  30. DISPLAY. Displays information about the browser and the loaded tracks.
Deck Controls