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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-XP1 - Layout - 触垫  


Hold SHIFT down and then press the HOTCUE mode button to set the PADs to CueLoop mode and automatically load the related page in the Pads area of the VirtualDJ GUI.

In this mode each one of the 16 pads assigns a Hot Cue Point or jumps the track to that Hot Cue Point, but in both cases, it also triggers a Loop at that point (momentary or toggle depending on the selected mode from the Page menu).

CueLoop mode – Pioneer DDJ-XP1

CueLoop 1-8* Pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

Cue Loop 9-16* Pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

Hold SHIFT and then press a pad to stutter/jump to the Hotcue (loop will remain triggered)

Use the PAGE buttons to half/double the size of the triggered Loop.
HoldSHIFT and then use the PAGE buttons to select the On/Off (Toggle) or Hold (momentary) Loop trigger mode.

* By default the VirtualDJ GUI will show Pads 1 to 8. Hold SHIFT and then press the HOTCUE mode button to toggle between the Pads 1-8 and Pads 9-16 views. Note that the Pads 9-16 view on the GUI will only be available when the Pioneer DDJ-XP1 is connected.

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ 8 manual
Pad FX2