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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-RZ - Layout - 触垫  


Hold SHIFT and then press the SLICER mode button to set the PADs to Loops mode.

Loops mode – Pioneer DDJ-RZ
Loops pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

Press one of the pads to trigger an Auto Loop of a different size in beats, depending on the selected page. There are 6 different pages available with sizes starting from 1/32 up to 128 beats.

Use the PARAMETER buttons to select the previous/next page with the desired Loop sizes
Hold SHIFT and then use the PARAMETER buttons to change the behavior of the Loop pads, by selecting the On/Off (toggle), Hold (momentary – while pad is pressed) or the Roll mode (track will resume to the position it would have been once the pad is released)

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ 8 manual