for VirtualDJ 8.5+
Last Update : May 2021





Both Windows and Mac OS : Download and install the Xone 23C driver and Device software (firmware) from .

STEP 3 : VirtualDJ 8 Setup

Download and install VirtualDJ from (in case you have not done already)

Once VirtualDJ is launched, a Connect window will appear to enter your account credentials.

A Pro Infinity or a Pro Subscription License is required to fully use the Xone 23C. Without any of the above Licenses, the device will operate for 10 minutes each time you restart VirtualDJ.

A detection window will appear when the unit is first connected with VirtualDJ, verifying proper connection.

Click on the "XONE 23C" if your speakers are connected to the Main Output at the rear side of the device.
You can still make changes in the Audio setup from VirtualDJ Settings->AUDIO tab.

Press OK.

The unit is now ready to operate.



The Allen & Heath Xone 23C is a hardware, stand-alone mixer applying its own audio mixing, Equalizer and FXs with no MIDI functionality.

For all the hardware and mixing features of the device, please refer to Allen & Heath Xone 23C Manual.




The following image displays the default Audio setup for the Xone 23C, which requires speakers to be connected at the rear panel.


The default routing for the soundcard sends (to the computer) is for USB channel 1-2 = record output and USB 3-4 = FX send. This configuration allows you to record your set and add FX.

In order for the inputs to be used for Timecode (DVS) ...

VirtualDJ Audio Setup with Timecode Inputs

For further setup information about Timecode in VirtualDJ, please refer to VirtualDJ Manual


The default routing for the soundcard sends (to the computer) is for USB channel 1-2 = record output and USB 3-4 = FX send. This configuration allows you to record your set.
You will need to ..
Manually add a record line to VirtualDJ Audio Setup, using the USB Channel 1,2 of the Xone 23C sound card, as per the following image.

VirtualDJ Audio Setup with Record Input

If recording is not working as expected, perhaps the Audio routing of your mixer is set for DVS and needs to be internally reconfigured. Please consult the A&H Xone:23C Guide (page 19) for further details.

Note, that Video mixing is still possible, despite the fact that the Crossfader and Volume faders of the Xone 23C are not sending MIDI. See our Mixing Guide - Wiki page


The Xone 23C should be visible in the MAPPING tab of VirtualDJ Settings and the “factory default” available/selected from the Mappings drop-down list.
None of the Mapping keys are part of the Xone 23C device, as the device is not sending any MIDI messages from any of its knobs, faders or buttons.

If you have connected a Xone K2 to the rear-panel XLINK socket, the MIDI functionality of the K2 will be offered through the Xone 23C (thus the Xone 23C Mapping includes all the K2_ keys). For further operations of the Xone K2 connected via XLINK, please refer to the Xone K2 Manual

For further Technical features and specifications, visit

Allen & Heath Xone:23C
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