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话题: Folder question
Isn't there a way to create a "Main" folder, and then after creating other folders, DRAG those folders into the main on?

Hope I've explained myself correctly here....

发表时间 Sun 05 Feb 23 @ 4:18 pm
Yes, it is.
Just create a VIRTUAL FOLDER (red folder) on the root of the browser, and then drag inside it whatever you want.

发表时间 Sun 05 Feb 23 @ 4:23 pm
No. All I can do is create a virtual folder, and THEN create a sub folder in that. Is there no way to create a root folder which HOUSES other root folders??

发表时间 Sun 05 Feb 23 @ 7:51 pm
It used to be simple in iTunes.

发表时间 Sun 05 Feb 23 @ 7:51 pm