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Forum: Wishes and new features

话题: Switching through equalizer modes makes it more practical, even in the default skin
Unfortunately, since the beginning of the stems (equalizer modes) I have noticed that not all modes change when clicking on the equalizer text.
It does toggle, but only one or two modes at a time, EZ Remix. Modern , or frequency ....
It doesn't turn on the normal stems at all, only after you have activated it briefly in the stem menu, and I find that awkward.
At least for people who don't want or can't map a button in the skin or on the controller themselves.
Please change the standard skin so that you can switch through all modes directly.
It's really easy with a little command like this:
setting "eqMode" Stems ? setting "eqMode" ModernEQ : setting "eqMode" ModernEQ ? setting "eqMode" EZRemix : setting "eqMode" EZRemix ? setting "eqMode" Frequency : setting "eqMode" Stems

It would be nice to make this practical for all users.
Greetings Dani

发表时间 Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 1:12 pm
Next to EQ (on Default skin) there's a small arrow button that brings up a menu to select your favorite EQ mode.
Clicking on the EQ text just cycles between frequency and your favorite EQ mode.
So, if you select EZRemix on the dropdown, then clicking on EQ text cycles between Frequency and EZRemix.
If you select ModernEQ thought, clicking on EQ text cycles between Frequency and ModernEQ instead.

发表时间 Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 9:29 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
but not full 5 mode stems

发表时间 Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 9:33 pm
locodog wrote :
but not full 5 mode stems

That's exactly what I mean.
And I find that impractical.
It's a suggestion for those users who just use the standard skin and are not well versed in mapping or designing their own skins.
So that they can switch through the equalizer modes more quickly with a mouse click without having to open the menu each time.
And all 4 Equalizer modes.
Stems , ModernEQ , EZ Remix , Frequency .
All 4 Modes .
That's what the function for switching on the text under the EQalizer potis is for.


发表时间 Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 9:41 pm
I have also suggested this for other users .
I myself have this properly installed in my own skin, and also a button on my controller.
But I think it should be practical to use on the main skin for all users as well.
Most don't even know that.
That's why it's also in the case of wishes.
Greetings Dani

发表时间 Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 9:48 pm