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话题: DDJ SB3 Deck Button not working
Has anyone figured out a way to get the deck buttons working on the SB3, it stopped working suddenly for me , windows 10, and this is the VDJ build

VDJ 8.5 -64 b7131

the buttons dont light up at all, and the midi control box says deck 1 and deck 2 when i press the button. which is why it doesnt work because the signal i am assuming is saying switch to deck 1 or deck 2 when i am already in it.

PS: the soundcard is set to default SB3. with chan 1 and chan 2 master and chan 3 and 4 set to headphones.

any help?

发表时间 7 days ago @ 6:29 pm

发表时间 5 days ago @ 6:55 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Can you post a screenshot of your Audio setup ?

发表时间 5 days ago @ 8:23 pm

here it is

发表时间 2 days ago @ 9:27 pm
I am guessing that is correct?

发表时间 yesterday @ 4:53 pm
Bumping this up again

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