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话题: Random rewind/scratch deck 1
Another new problem. Left deck when in vinyl mode is playing a track randomly will do a small scratch rewind throughout the track. Getting by with disabiling vinyl mode but this just sucks.

发表时间 Fri 10 Jun 22 @ 8:33 pm
This thread probably should go in technical support. But I've seen a lot of controllers wear down over time where the platter starts picking up false touches (this happened to me on Pioneer CDJs a lot back in the day too). These touches are interpreted by VDJ as a scratch action. So this may actually be a hardware issue.

To test, I'd set up my controller to test during some downtime and see if the same thing happens in Serato. If it does, you know it's the controller.

Of course I could be way off but it's a possibility for sure.

发表时间 Mon 13 Jun 22 @ 8:13 pm