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话题: VDJScript, cdj2000nxs2, CuePoints lights
Hello, it's unlikely, but I'll ask. Is it possible to control the LED illumination of cue points with cdj2000nxs2 using VDJScrit?
there is an undescribed function, (get_pioneer_display 'cuepoints' 2002), that loads CuePoints colors into buttons.

发表时间 Tue 24 May 22 @ 9:00 am
Actually the hotcue buttons get their colors from the colors that are send as part of the waveform data on the display.
Therefore, no it's not possible to control the leds of hotcue buttons directly.
You would have to alter the colors for the cuepoints on the display itself, which is also not as easy as it sounds.
And that's exactly what the action you mentioned above does actually:
It populates the cue points on the waveform display (not the buttons)

发表时间 Tue 24 May 22 @ 11:53 am
Thanks for the reply. CDJ2000nxs2 MEMORY button is not used, I use it as Shift, then HotCue1 ~ 8 can be used for working with video, for example. I felt that when SHIFT (MEMORY) was pressed, the HotCue would be colored according to the current state of the video effects.

发表时间 Wed 25 May 22 @ 11:33 am