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话题: Build 6800 keeps crashing
Hi everybody,
yesterday I updated to Build 6800. Suddenly VDJ crashed to desktop. The controller connected was the Denon Prime 4. But it does not seam to be connected to any controller.
I kept crashing after reboot even with no controller connected.
I deleted the cache folder and it came up again and worked for some time.
Today I started VDJ without a controller to browse new music in Beatport.
After like 20 min it crashed again, and I was not able to restart.
I decided NOT to delete the cache folder first and I installed an older stable version (Build 6732).
And VDJ came up and worked as expected. So I reinstalled the Build 6800 which resulted in an immediate crash.
So it might have something to do with the new Build 6800 and something with the cache.
I decided not to delete the whole cache but only beatport folder. And VDJ was working again.
Therefore the crash may be related to beatport.
I saved the beatport-cache folder. So contact me, if you want to have a look into it. Since it somehow contains my login or at least an access key to beatport I won't provide it here.
But be aware that I changed the virtualdj.exe file ONLY to switch between builds. I did not change anything in the VDJ home folder.

Here are some additional information:
* Surface Pro 7 with Win11
* Beatport and Deezer subscription
* Crashes with No-Controller, Prime 4, Hercules MX-4 and Reloop Touch. So I think it is not related to the controller
* Math-Engine on

Hope that helps to figure out the problem.

Cheers Jochen

发表时间 Tue 18 Jan 22 @ 7:05 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You may have had an older version of the beatport plugin that did not update correctly.

发表时间 Fri 21 Jan 22 @ 5:02 pm
Thx for the reply Adion,
I will check by deleting the plugin, so that the latest will be installed with the next start.
But shouldn't the update process of the main software take care, that all plugins (at least the core plugins) are updated as well?
Since the problem takes sometime to show up I will check it and let you know later, if it solved the problem.

发表时间 Fri 21 Jan 22 @ 5:41 pm
So I had a beatport7_vdj_x64.dll (Size 4.071.936 Bytes) installed and a beatport6_vdj_x64.dll (Size 3.968.000 Bytes).
After deletion and reinstallation of the plugin I got a beatport7_vdj_x64.dll (Size 3.968.000 Bytes) which seams to be identical to the former beatport6_vdj_x64-dll. So has there been a roll back to version 6 now named 7 to replace the original version 7?
So maybe a wrong beatport7_vdj_x64.dll (the one with size 4.071.936 Bytes) was installed on my system beforehand.

Confusing but I don't care if this will fix my issue, which I will check tonight in a mix-session ;-)

Cheers Jochen

发表时间 Fri 21 Jan 22 @ 6:06 pm
Hey Folks,

here's my feedback to my mix session yesterday evening. No crashes any more in a session of 3 hours using Beatport songs only.👍

The issue seams to be fixed. Thx Adion for the correcr advice. 🙏

Cheers Jochen

发表时间 Sat 22 Jan 22 @ 8:15 am