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话题: Custom browser: can not get the sampler show up as a list
Hello Skinners,

I am customizing the browser for use on a second screen. It's a work in progress and everything goes as planned, except for one thing: when I try to show the sampler as a unique list, like: <filelist source=”sampler”> I get a brand new extra list, but not the sampler. Even if I enter a random name as source, like <filelist source=”whatever”> I get a new list, which is great because I can add as many functional lists as I need (only thing is when closing VDJ the software does not save those additional lists).
All the other lists, like automix, karaoke, sidelist do show up perfectly without the top infobar and bottom navi-buttons when using them as source, but somehow I can not get that samplerlist show up (tried dozens of combinations).
Just using <sampler> shows the sampler in triggerpad-view, but that is not what I need...

Do I miss something? Is it even possible to get that sampler-list on screen without the navigation buttons of the sideview?

Thanks in advance,

发表时间 Wed 21 Apr 21 @ 11:20 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
No you miss nothing
All the other lists, automix, karaoke, sidelist, remixes working as before but not sampler

source="sampler://" gives samples but from the folder in browser view
source="sampler://Famous" switches to sampler view but empty
source="sampler://Audio" is working
source="sampler://Vox Voices.zip" is working

only fully qualified physical sub-folders or zip files
but not samplebanks, and not current sampler list

发表时间 Wed 21 Apr 21 @ 11:08 pm
Hello Nicotux,
That works for me. I am gonna use "source="sampler://". The sample-list in browser-view is good enough for me for now ;-). I am using the sampler as a sort of cartplayer for playing jingles and bumpers, as I use VDJ in a radioshow-setting.
With that in mind (radio-studio), is there a proper way to script faderstarts for the sample-player? It was there in the past (with the old sampler in VDJ 6). I have tried to use the simple string "sampler_volume & sampler_play" and the sample starts indeed, but if the sample has been stopped at the end and turning back the fader to 0, it starts again (ofcourse). I have tried to write several strings with "param...", but no one really worked as the faderstarts in the decks...
Forgive that I ask this in the skin-section of the forum, as it would be used for controllers...

Thanks Nicotux, you've been very helpful ;-)

Regards, Harry

发表时间 Fri 23 Apr 21 @ 8:13 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
problem is now sampler is a random deck and no known way to know which one will be used
samplerOutputDeck (or menu) can be used to specify a fixed deck - allowing multiple fx and level and eq control but faderstart does not allow to start sample unless it is loaded in the deck which needs sample_load_to_deck with hardcoded deck (cant specify sampler) and where it is loosing all its settings (mode loop ... :(

as by the way custom_button and sliders are buggy for this kind of things ... i understand param_* are difficult to figure out ^^

the solution is to use some workarounds
i.e.: for a sampler faderstart+faderstop working in a custom_slider with custom_slider showing correct state :
param_equal 0 ? sampler_velocity & sampler_stop & sampler_velocity 0 : sampler_velocity & sampler_play
may be used as a slider in a skin AFAIK

and don't worry this is skin-section related specially because custom_buttons and sliders in skins are affected as well

发表时间 Fri 23 Apr 21 @ 9:09 am

Your script is indeed doing what it should for the most part: yes, when the volume is up and the sample is playing, then moving the fader back to the 0 position stops the sample as intended. But it works only good when the one-shot sample (in my case a jingle) has not been ran to the end.
The problem that i run into every time is still there: when the sample has been played, the sample gets back at it's start position and the player doesn't (I suppose) know that the sample has been played, while the fader is still in the 100% up position and has to be moved physically back to 0 without starting the sample again. Still, if I move the fader back to 0 the sampleplayer thinks 'hey I need to start because the fader moves', then starts and is audible (even for a couple of milliseconds during the travel) :-(
Somehow the player should know that the sample has been played once and doesn't have to start again when the fader travels back to 0.
Best way would be if it was possible that the sample doesn't return to the start and ready position, but would stay at the end and be moved back to start only when the fader has really returned to the 0 position.
An already played notice would be great to add, as possible in the normal decks...

Anyway, according to your explanation of the limitations of the sampleplayer, I suppose these features aren't programmed as it was probably never intended to be used as a cartplayer ;-)
My own workaround was; i had a button above the fader mapped to toggle on or off the 'sample_play' part of the string. So when the sample has been played and the fader was still up, I switched the start function off to move the fader back to 0...
It worked, but it would be great if it was automated somehow lol.

p.s for my personal broadcast skin i have made small cartplayers based on the normal decks, so it's not that urgent to have faderstarts on the sample player, but for some time i was wondering why it was dropped with the renewal of the old samplebankplayer and if it was possible with the current one ;-)

Thanks again Nicotux, have a good weekend ;-)

发表时间 Fri 23 Apr 21 @ 10:43 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Not that urgent but already done ^^ not a real problem but needs a rsi and a hack
param_equal 0 ? sampler_velocity & sampler_stop & sampler_velocity 0 : sampler_velocity & sampler_play & repeat_start smpl 15ms -1 & not sampler_play ? repeat_stop smpl & param_multiply 0 & sampler_velocity : 

have a good weekend either ;-)

发表时间 Fri 23 Apr 21 @ 11:00 am
Hey Nicotux, you are a magician, it's working!

Scenario: played a jingle to the end, fader is still open, in the mean time the jingle jumps back to it's start position. Now when closing the fader to 0, the jingle starts again while the fader travels, but is not audible, so it is not an issue. When the fader is back in the 0 position, the jingle jumps back to it's start position again and is ready for another shot... Well done Nicotux, this is workable for the radio-jocks for sure!

Thanks ;-)

发表时间 Sat 24 Apr 21 @ 10:31 pm
Initially in this thread I asked if it would be possible to show the sampler as a list in a custom-browser.
As with the early access build 6713 (2021-10-19) it has been added: <filelist source="sampler"> is working!

I am very grateful to the VDJ team, cheers guys ;-)

发表时间 Thu 21 Oct 21 @ 12:52 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Yes, this need to be notice !
A big thank for that ;)

发表时间 Thu 21 Oct 21 @ 1:56 pm