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话题: Minimalist UX 1

发表时间 Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 7:39 pm
Is there a way to remove the title and just have the grid lines show on the screen when using the Minimalist UX 1:Horisontal Titler Black [light overlay]?

发表时间 Wed 29 Jan 20 @ 1:02 pm

Sure, quite easy to do that. Click "edit skin" when this skin is selected in settings, and just comment out the area you dont want.. .
The xml is small, and pretty self-explanatory, and easier than it might sound like ;-)

发表时间 Wed 29 Jan 20 @ 1:06 pm
Has anyone else noticed that the circular layout doesn't always have an active waveform around the edge?

All the horizontal ones are fine, but the circular one is very hit and miss. Sometimes it displays the waveform and sometimes not.

发表时间 11 hours ago