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co0ldjPRO InfinityMember since 2003
hello can u give some url
because i like to download ur mixes and hear them

发表时间 Wed 01 Oct 03 @ 10:08 pm

发表时间 Fri 03 Oct 03 @ 10:47 am
I like to give you an URL so you can download my MIX
BUT first you will have to help me!
I want to post my mix on the internet but I don't know where I can post it. It's quite a big mix (109MB, 192KBPS).
So if you got some useful ideas, please give them!


发表时间 Tue 28 Oct 03 @ 11:19 pm

发表时间 Mon 03 Nov 03 @ 10:49 pm
kabensaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Enjoy listening my mix and don’t forget to add your comments

1 - R. Kelly - Step In The Name Of Love
2 - Da brat & montell jordan - Get It On Tonight
3 - Toni Braxton - Hit The Freeway
4 - Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul - Breathe
5 - Black Eyed Peas - Where is The Love
6 - Fabolous - Cant let you go
8 - Angie Martinez- If I Could Go
9 - Christina_aguilera - cant_hold_us_down_ft_lil_kim
10- Mary J. Blige feat. Method Man - Love At First Sight
11- Beyonce feat Jay-Z - Crazy In Love
12- Timbaland & Magoo - Cop That Shit
13- Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block
14- Pharrell & Snoop Dogg - Beautiful
15- Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz - Get Low

发表时间 Mon 10 Nov 03 @ 10:44 pm

发表时间 Mon 17 Nov 03 @ 8:03 pm
co0ldjPRO InfinityMember since 2003
they r all co0l
r they all made by vdj

发表时间 Thu 29 Jan 04 @ 9:57 am
not with VDJ, i have used various softwares

发表时间 Thu 29 Jan 04 @ 7:28 pm
kickoHome userMember since 2003
can someone explain to be what type of music this is? its that stuff you hear in every cancun girls gone wild video, its heavy on the bass, i think the tempo of 118-120's
one that comes to mind is a song that goes "i want you now....i just can't wait" its not really breakbeat, but more like a miami bass style. thanks

发表时间 Sat 31 Jan 04 @ 3:00 am
GnoedeL check djfactory.tk they offered to post dj mixes
im wanna post some mixes so if u get any luck let me know
there should be some space on the site that has user mixes
at least to show people what u can do with the software

and it'll be nice to hear other dj mixes

thanx dj smokey

发表时间 Mon 15 Mar 04 @ 2:16 pm

发表时间 Sun 23 May 04 @ 4:55 pm
djejPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Kabensa, I liked your songlist but the link is inactive. I'd be interested in hearing it if you can make it active again. I'll even give comments. Thanks.

发表时间 Wed 05 Jan 05 @ 2:37 pm
djejPRO InfinityMember since 2004

Britney Spears and Madonna - Me Against the Music vs. Usher and Boo. Plus some old school classics with some classic Chicago House Mixed in. For example; Release Yourself - The Aleems or Sense of Purpose by Third World mixed with JM Steve Silk Hurley's Jack Your Body. Any feedback???

发表时间 Tue 25 Jan 05 @ 1:32 am
sexyjHome userMember since 2004

发表时间 Tue 25 Jan 05 @ 5:11 am
djjbPRO InfinityMember since 2004
i listened your mix "http://sexyj.org/temp/jan21part2.mp3".
at 6.09min you have a scratch..?!-*^_*~hmmm sorry for that...
say when it's at 6.30 min you already forgot that big mistake.

like your mixes.....(not the style of music)

发表时间 Tue 01 Feb 05 @ 8:12 am

Cj-Dimitris.T - Deepseasky 77:58/192kbps

01.BIG - A Promise (Dousk Idiotic Mix)
02.Way Out West - Killa
03.Pink Floyd - The wall (andro bootleg remix)
04.Alex Stealthy - Being (original mix)
05.The funky badgers - funky tramp (rpo rmx)
06.Marc Vision - invisible
07.Taxi - glistening
08.Madoka - altered (shiloh mix)
09.Li Kwan - Point Zero (Leama and Moor Rmx)
10.Audiofly feat Page Scott - is this for real (mas collective dub mix)
11.Son Kite - on air (lemon8 remix)
12.Starkid - Crayons (Leama & Moors in Loving Memory of Sarkid Mix)

download from
Cue file

http://cj-dimitrist.tripod.com enjoy!!

发表时间 Fri 18 Mar 05 @ 10:04 am
Progressive Sounds For The Mases. A by ovi_satma A.K.A Dj Ice-Man

1. Ian Brown - Fear (UNKLE Remix) 11a.mp3
2. Danny HowellsSTFU (Original Mix)
3. Delerium - Truly (Infusion Remix)
4. Blackwatch - Northsky
5. Spacefunk - Evil moogafooga
6. Blackwatch & Quivver - Loveless (Original Mix)
7. Kosheen - Catch (Grayed Out Vocal Remix)
8. Andy Ling - Fixation (Tarrentella vs Redanka Mix)
9. Marco V - I Feel You (Thomas Datt'S 2v2 Remix)
10. BT feat. jc chasez - Force Of Gravity (ferry corsten remix)
11. The Dream Traveller - Guardians of the Earth (dub)
12. Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tilt Remix)
13. Humate - Love Stimulation (Original Mix)
14. Innate - Changes [Innate's Tranzition Mix]
15. Der Dritte Raum - Polarstern (Raumgleiter Version)
16. Nova - All This Love (Gtr Mix)
17. 06-Mekka _ Diamondblack (Original Mix)
18. Highland ¬ no way out (highland mix)
19. Tilt feat. Maria Nayler - Angry Skies (Tilt's Terrestrial Vocal Mix Two)
20. M.O.R.P.H. - Maximum Overdrive (Benicio Remix)
21. Miss Ann - Dreamland

发表时间 Tue 12 Apr 05 @ 8:48 am
droeliHome userMember since 2005
@ovi satma

great tunes

发表时间 Tue 12 Apr 05 @ 12:55 pm
droeliHome userMember since 2005
@ Dimitris

great music,good mix

发表时间 Tue 12 Apr 05 @ 12:56 pm
Cj-Dimitris.T - Deepseasky-Sweet mix. Had to burn and bang in the truck! Thanks

发表时间 Tue 17 May 05 @ 2:04 pm