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话题: American Audio Versadeck
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Updated skin for the American Audio Versadeck.

- Fixed Level Sliders and Vu meters not showing on Audio Mixer
- Fixed incorrect off graphics for the Deck Video previews
- Removed unnecessary Browser Pages buttons.

发表时间 Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 10:02 am
NelumbLE userMember since 2013

I'm currently trying to set and check this skin for my Akiyama Syncron on vjd8, I've used it on the vdj7 versión and worked perfectly. (the vdj7 skin version, of course)

Could you please add the mastermix area to this Skin to Access to the recorder, etc? This will be very useful!


发表时间 Tue 14 Apr 15 @ 5:54 am
NelumbLE userMember since 2013
Hi djdad, I've found a small bug in the skin: When selecting and changing effects in the right deck, there's no change about effect name in the "effect name área".

I've checked that in the left deck changes correctly, and is working in the internal and other skins (is not a mapping issue).

An example:

Try to change from "echo" to "flanger" in the second deck, the parameter for the effect changes, but not changes the effect name that appears upper the parameter bar, still appearing "echo". Also does not changes the color from black to yellow (as when indicating the effect is active)

I've also observed that when selecting the "echo" effect also changes the state of the "skid" effect in the skin (does not actívate in the controler).

Hope I explained well... and hope it's useful...


发表时间 Fri 17 Apr 15 @ 4:00 am


发表时间 Fri 09 Feb 18 @ 9:48 pm