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话题: [Must Read] For anyone that is submitting skins


If you are going to submit a skin for consideration then know the following ...

  1. ONLY SUBMIT ONE (1) TIME -- if you submit the skin more than one time then all version will be removed and not considered. And then you can re-submit.

  2. It is your responsibility to review the status of your submissions. There are notes that may be left in the description that need attention on your skin. Do not expect a comment to be placed in a forum thread. Once you have made the corrections, then simply remove the comment made in the Description field when you update your submission. If no corrections are made in a reasonable amount of time - the submission will be removed.

  3. SKINS RESEMBLING OTHER SOFTWARE -- If you are submitting simply 'hacks' of other software then the skin must be dramatically different from then original software's look. It can not be a simple color change, just moving of a couple elements, or adding some text/graphic on the skin. There are more and more submissions that are starting to occur that are direct resemblance of the other software. Please do not spoil the flexibility of being a bit creative to where we have to impose more stringent requirements.

  4. DO NOT simply resize or re-color something that has already been done by someone else. If you have receive the approval of such a change from the original creator then you must do the following before it will be approved.

    1. Create a thread for your skin and get the original skin creator the opportunity to publicly agree to your modification for submission.
    2. Provide the link to the above thread in the Description field during submission.

    If a skin is found to be in violation of this then it will be Blocked from submission.

Remember this is all about being creative and fun. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to show their creativity and bring exceptional designs and functionality to the program with each creation.

So keep up the excellent submissions and thank you to all those that put countless hours in to creating and sharing their work.

发表时间 Mon 06 Dec 10 @ 5:05 pm
FYI, updates now go through approval process.
So if you update your skins, keep in mind that there may be a delay for them to be available.

发表时间 Fri 05 Sep 14 @ 2:32 pm