Mixer esterno

VirtualDJ può lavorare con qualsiasi mixer esterno di tipo standard.

However, if you wish to output two (Or more) decks separately to different channels of the mixer, you will need the full VirtualDJ Professional or the cheaper VirtualDJ Basic if you will not be using any MIDI controllers, timecode, full-screen video, etc. Please see comparison.

For external mixer use, you will need two sound cards or a preferable a DJ sound card with at least two stereo outputs. Please see: How do I pre-listen to songs with my headphones when using an external DJ audio mixer?

If by 'mixer', you mean a MIDI controller such as Hercules DJ Console, Numark MixTrack, etc., please see: Is MIDI controller "NAME" supported by VirtualDJ?

NOTE: When using an external DJ audio mixer, the on-screen controls in VirtualDJ will not move (Unless you have a MIDI-capable mixer and have mapped it to do this (Not recommended)) - Please see: The on-screen crossfader, volume sliders and EQ do not move when I move them on my external controller or mixer

NOTE: Video crossfading is not possible on a non-MIDI capable external DJ audio mixer.

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