Mac Install Skin

To download and install skins for Mac, please go to skins download page.

Skins that are Mac compatible will have a floppy disk download icon with an Apple logo. Click on this to download the skin (Don't click on the Windows floppy disk icon.)

To install a skin, simply copy the downloaded skin .ZIP file to the following folder:

NOTE: Copy the .ZIP file itself - Don't open it or extract its contents.

MacintoshHD -> Users -> YOUR USER NAME -> Documents -> VirtualDJ -> Skins

Or in new installations of VirtualDJ v7.0.3 or above:

MacintoshHD -> Users -> YOUR USER NAME -> Library -> VirtualDJ -> Skins

NOTE: If you can't find or access the Library folder, please see: Reveal hidden Library folder

NOTE: VirtualDJ LE or Console Edition is free limited software and does not support using custom skins. To be able to do this, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional.

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