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 Do I need a backup system on stand-by

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Q. Do I need a backup system on stand-by?

If you are performing a gig, you should always have some sort of backup system to fall back on in the event of any problems that you may encounter. This includes your mixer, amps, speakers and any other important hardware that you may be using.

While VirtualDJ is very reliable and stable for the majority of users, computers and software can occasionally crash, the hard disk can fail, or the computer itself might be damaged (E.g: Customer spills a drink on it.)

Even hardware CD players including top of the range Pioneer CDJ's can occasionally fail.

Having a suitable backup solution will give you peace of mind and will often allow you to continue playing with little or no noticeable problems to the customers at your gig.

Your backup solution could be another laptop with VirtualDJ installed (You are allowed a second installation for backup purposes), a CD player, an iPod with suitable pre-loaded playlist, DJ app on your smartphone, etc.

NOTE: If you are using a software MIDI controller directly connected to your amp or PA system that does not have a real hardware mixer built-in or mains powered hardware emergency 'thru' feature, please bear in mind that this device will cease to function if your computer crashes or you have to reboot it. A solution to this is a small hardware DJ mixer to allow you to connect your backup source.

IMPORTANT: Never make any major changes to your system or upgrade software just prior to going to a gig. Always wait until you will have plenty of time to test it at home and resolve any problems that you might encounter.


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