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 Slow loading

Q: My songs load very slowly

If a song takes a long time to load, then this may be due to performance issues. Common causes are:

  • You are using a computer that does not meet the recommended system requirements for using VirtualDJ. Loading on old computers or on 'NetBook' computers will be slow due to the low performance of these systems.

  • You are using a slow hard drive, or slow USB connection. If you are loading videos, these are very large files (Typically 10x the size of a normal MP3 audio file), so they will naturally take much longer to load. A 7200 RPM or faster drive and USB 2.x or better connection for external drives is recommended.

  • You are using an external hard drive that may have gone to sleep. This will cause a delay when you go to load a song from it, which can be anything from a few seconds to almost half a minute on some drives. If your external drive takes more than a few seconds to wake from sleep, you should replace it with a better quality and faster drive.

  • Viruses, spyware or malware may be present on your computer. Please ensure that your anti-virus software is fully up-to-date and run a full scan of all your disks.

  • Other software/processes are running in the background and are slowing your computer down.

For more information and to help solve performance issues, please see:

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