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Q: I cannot see the artist name or song title in the VirtualDJ browser

For files to show correctly in the VirtualDJ browser, please ensure one of the following:

    1) The files are tagged correctly (ID3 tags in MP3 files for Artist,Title, etc.)


    2) They are named correctly in the standard format Artist - Title (Remix) (Example: Journey - Don't Stop Believin (Extended Mix).mp3)

There is also an additional setting that may lead to incorrect file information in the browser which can be changed in Settings Options:

  • getTagsAuto: Automatically gets the info from a file's tag when a new file is encountered. Keep this set to yes, if you are using ID3Tags to identify your files. Set it to no to use the information from the track's file name. VirtualDJ will use the Title, Artist and Remix (if available) of the file's name to the tag of the file.

Updating Tags

VirtualDJ will not automatically re-read tags from files that it has already seen. If you have changed the tags of a song and the change is not reflected in the browser in VirtualDJ, right click on the affected folder and choose Batch Reload tags, or select two or more files in the browser using either SHIFT or CTRL, right-click on them and choose Batch Reload tags.

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