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Q. Why am I seeing ads in the software and how can I remove them?

Since VirtualDJ is free for home use, you may periodically see advertisements displayed on the right side of the browser. The ads can be closed but will reappear after a short amount of time. In order to remove ads you must have an active Plus, Pro Subscriber, Pro Infinity License or a Content Unlimited subscription.

If ads are being displayed in the software:

  • You do not have an active license or subscription - The purchase of any license or Content Unlimited subscription will disable ads from being displayed providing that you are logged into the software.

    Subscription purchases: If the subscription lapses or is cancelled for any reason, the ads will resume after the subscription time has expired.

    License purchases: Licenses are a one-time purchase and do not expire.

  • You may not be logged in or are using a different account - Your licenses and subscriptions are associated with your account. VirtualDJ needs to identify that you have the appropriate license or subscription in order to disable advertisements. If you have already purchased a license or subscription, please ensure that you are logged into the software.

    For more information on licenses and logging in, please see: http://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/virtualdj8/settings/licenses.html

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