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  Timecode duration

Q: I am unable to control songs longer than 12 minutes using timecode

Most timecode signals are limited to 12 minutes or a similar length. The exception to this is the VirtualDJ 8 Control Vinyl which has a length of 10 minutes on side A and 15 minutes on side B.

This is because there are only a finite number of unique timecodes that can be fitted into the signal. To extend it to a longer time would reduce the precision and accuracy of using timecode for control.

The length is chosen as a compromise because most songs that DJ's will be mixing will typically be 3-7 minutes in length. A song longer than 12 minutes will probably be a pre-made mix over which the DJ does not really need direct control once it has been mixed in from the previous song.

Providing that you choose either smart or relative timecode mode, the song should keep playing once the timecode signal on the disc or record runs out, but you will no-longer have any control of it from the CD player or vinyl deck.

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