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DJTechTools - Midi Fighter Twister  

Advanced Setup


The side middle buttons select the Previous/Next Mode, but there is no led or other indication on the Midi Fighter Twister to see the selected Mode.
If you wish to see this on the skin (VirtualDJ GUI), you can assign a Custom button as ..

get_var '@$twistermode' & param_add 1

Additionally you could assign other custom/keyboard/controller buttons to control the Modes of the Midi Fighter Twister, in case the access on the sides of the device is not easy. You can use the following actions...

set '@$twistermode' x where x can be 0 (1st mode) to 3 (4th mode) to select a specific Mode.
cycle '@$twistermode' 4 to cycle through the 4 Modes (or -4 to cycle back).

Note that the selected Twsiter mode is saved across sessions


Every single endless encoder and side button on each Mode can be customized to your needs using VDJ Script actions. See details in https://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/virtualdj/settings/controllers.html#custom%20mapping

Some useful notes for Custom Mapping:

The Keys (Encoders, leds, Pushed button) are named as following..
Encoders : MDx_ENC_r_c
Pushed Encoder buttons : MDx_PUSH_r_c.
Encoder Ring led : LED_MDx_ENC_r_c
Encoder bottom colored led : LED_MDx_PUSH_r_c
... where x is the Mode (1 to 4), r is the Row number (1 to 4) and c is the Column number (1 to 4). E.g. the bottom-right Encoder in Mode 3 is named as MD3_ENC_4_4.

The Encoder Ring leds only offer white color and cannot be changed.

The Encoder Push leds can be assigned to the following colors...
black, blue, cyan, green, yellow,, orange, red, magenta, violet
.. using the color 'colorname' action
If a different color is assigned, VirtualDJ will display the nearest available color


DJTechTools offers a Utility to adjust several settings on the Midi Fighter Twister. You can download from ..
Mac: https://s3.amazonaws.com/djtt-utility/mf_utility_installers/Midi_Fighter_Utility_OSX.dmg
Windows : https://s3.amazonaws.com/djtt-utility/mf_utility_installers/Midi+Fighter+Utility+Win.exe

We have prepared a MF Settings file for VirtualDJ default Mapping, which is strongly advised to Import and not change, or else the default functionality may be broken. The Settings file can be downloaded from https://www.virtualdj.com/plugins/index.html?addonid=81433

The only setting you can safely change from the MF Utility without breaking the VirtualDJ default functionality is the Has Detent , the Detent Color and the Indicator Type of the Encoders.

For further Technical features and specifications, visit

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