This tool is for v7, VirtualDJ 8 does not require different skins for different resolutions.

copyright JeremK

Download tool: http://www.virtualdj.com/addons/7187/Skin_Resizer_Tool.html

Video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZbaTP1Vf8A

Note: As this Tool is available both for Mac OS and Windows, screenshots visible in this user guide are from one or the other Operating Systems.

Resizing a Skin

The main window has four buttons to complete the resizing process:
  • Files
  • Resizing
  • Options
  • Generating


  1. Input XML

    This part is used to specify the input XML file. Either you enter manually with the keyboard the path to the file, or you click on this button , to select the input file. If the skin you want to resize is zipped (.zip file extension), you will need to unzip it before using the Tool.
    Although there is not any place to give the path to the graphics (.bmp file) of the skin, the graphics are automatically fetched when you choose the XML file.
    Once you have selected an appropriate file, the Input XML GroupBox should look like this:

    The size of the skin is calculated automatically at the opening of a skin.
    The display format is shown, (4/3 (standard), 16/10 (widescreen), etc).

  2. Output XML

    This part lets the user specify an output XML file and location.

    First, select the output size. If Keep Skin in scale is checked, the output Height is automatically calculated when typing the width.
    Minimum Width is 800 and minimum Height is 480.

    Then click on the button to select an output filename. The Tool will automatically rename the file using its original name and change the filename to show the output size, or add the suffix “_resized”. You are free to change the default output filename, this is only a suggestion.


  1. Simple Resize

    This is the default resizing option that is available in the Limited version of this tool.

    This option is used to resize a skin to the output size.
    It should also be active when you want to use one of the options without changing the dimension of the Skin (Make day Skin for example).

  2. Add Borders

    This is part of the second set of resizing options that are only available when the Skin Resizer is Activated.

    This option is used to add borders around a skin.

    The main graphics of the skin are not changed which does not create a blur.

  3. Browser Resize

    This option allows the browser to be resized.
    For example to resize a skin from 1280x800 to 1280x1024 in order to fit your screen.

  4. Smart Resize

    This option uses the best of both worlds. The Skin is resized in scale and then the Browser is resized if needed.
    If the Skin Resizer is running in Full mode, this option should be used by default.


  1. Browser Options

    Enables the user to tweak the Browser part of VirtualDJ (font, font size, background color, ...)

  2. More Options

    Some advanced options.
    If the Font sizes in the Skin are too big on Mac, set the Change font size to 80%.

  3. Make Day Skin

    Inverts the colors of the picture and all fonts in order to make a day skin in bright colors.

  4. Use pre-resized picture

    When resizing the picture, the Skin Resizer uses the operating system\'s default function to resize the picture.
    There are some much more powerful resizing technics such as Lanczos or B-spline. If you wish to resize your picture in Photoshop and use the Skin Resizer to only resize the XML, use this option.


This view is a summary of all options the user has selected to Resize the Skin.

Click on Do the Job to start the resizing process.
When this is finished, you can click on the Preview Skin button to see how the resized Skin looks like.

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