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Golden Rule allways have a backup system just in case of a laptop crash

Do not - pour beer into the mixer...

Be a Leader not a follower.

Be Awesome

Take chances musically.

Screw waiting till the first chorus if you play a crappy song. GET OUT OF IT!!! And acknowledge to the crowd that you screwed up they love that

Requests are just that: requests.

Cycle your dance floor. Gradually build up the tempo then drop down and do it again. It allows people to pee, rest , buy drinks, etc. Your no good to a club if you don't affect their bottom line.

Become familiar with your system setup, it helps you out when something goes wrong with the system.

Drink alcohol but know your limit...if it affects your performance..stop.

When a patron asks you to "play some good music", play a Polka!

Don't forget your usb with the music
Don't forget your 1/8" to 1/4" adapter