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I've been DJ for over a decade, starting out at regular decks and turntables, and later converted to digital djing somewhere down the line.



dj lambyus 留言: Thu 15 Feb 18
HOW TO BE A DJ ON VIRTUALDJ RADIO ? were i have to Apply? or wat i have to do ..? i have email adres i have virtual dj pro buy it and ...
BIGDADDY252 留言: Tue 28 Nov 17
I'm trying to become a radio dj with VDJ what do i do next.
Crackalicious 留言: Wed 01 Nov 17
Oslo her. Dj Tweeter /Techno/Tech/BigRoom
DJ_Vik_IT 留言: Mon 02 Oct 17
halla norsk her også skien
Hi im Now online as DJ_Bring_IT but just DIF On this forum as it was taken IM in vdj as DJ_Vik_IT
I've been DJ for over a decade, starting out in 86 at regular decks and turntables, so CDJays and later converted to digital dj and attending DJ-Masterclass with all det courses at Digitaldjtips.Com to fresh it up and grow as dj
i got Serato but juse Virtual DJ 8 Pro
kontroller i juse is Numark mixtrack Platinum 4deck
mic podcast ready Reloop sPod Platinum
love all gener : plays lot of edm bigroom house hardstyle and meshup electro allso international music , Pop, Rock
im online juely daily online frome around 1200pm to 5am gtm+01

og er nybegynner på streaming så vis det finnes et sted du har lagt ut en beskrivelse på kobletil Virtual DJ 8 pro og centova cast så haddet du vært en gud i mine øyne tusen takk på forhånd skal prøve litt og see lol
deathsquadktown 留言: Mon 24 Jul 17
so, im DJ Greentongue. i may have registered wrong...
I am requesting to be a broadcaster on Virtual DJ Radio. i Have Virtual DJ 8 pro infinity. A Numark Mix track 3. A Hercules DJ Control instinct. I subscribe to content unlimited as well as Groove music. I had my own music podcast on Spreaker as well as well as Fizzbutton.Net. I produce my own music using Ableton live 9 suit, Max 7, MPC studio. I use an Akai Apc key 25, Yamaha PSR 170 as a midi to connect my Elektron SIDSTATION, MPC studio Black, BM 800 microphone with a Xenyx 802 pre amp and of course Virtual DJ 8 for my mixing as well as after effects and video editing(Movavi as well).
I would like to spin at least once a week as a broadcaster Live. I would also like to use the broadcasting tool to help expand my Brand.
I spin EDM and Hip-Hop. what ever is hot right now, but i definitely like to go old school and not main stream just as much.
i would also like to play original music by unsigned or underground artists that are part of my online community.
My email is
i do have an MSN account but the email is my non active that i use for sign ins.
I am From the United States of America (New Hampshire)
Mystyle is : EDM/Hip-Hop
louloukupcake 留言: Mon 24 Jul 17
Hello I would like to apply to broadcast my music on the radio Virtual DJ.
My country is: France.
My email is
My style of music is: dance / electro house
djrambouk 留言: Tue 21 Mar 17
Hey man. your the best! Much respect :)
Bongocero 留言: Mon 13 Mar 17
Hi, i'm Bongocero from Germany, pro user and my regular E-Mail is
And Now? I'm allready registered at VDJ-Radio-sit as Bongocero, too
How can i Start up now? My Music is Latin& International Genres like Salsa, Bachata, Latin House, Pop, Rock, etc. For this i will to introduce my new site :-) Don't laugh ... it's only a test until today. Ihope when i am fied up i during the next weeks it will rum well for all
Judas718 留言: Wed 16 Nov 16
can you do more videos please
maxicomm 留言: Sat 08 Oct 16
Hi Norman. I'm Maxine. I was trying to apply to be a Radio DJ but the site won't let me post details. Is there another way? Thank you
user9505105 留言: Sun 02 Oct 16
Hello such friend my name is Richard
help me have a problem when wanting to download your file link
WANT tells me that option: Your current licenses do not allow you to download Controllers
You could give me the files to another page to download
my e-mail is and I am from Mexico 900 Nx Pioneer cabin and I can not take their potential as not handle it with Virtual Dj help me please
DJ GROOVES 留言: Fri 12 Aug 16
im trying to apply to dj on vdj radio where do i apply?
CRUVIAL 留言: Mon 23 May 16
Hi there!!
Excuse me bro, can I ask you something?
How can I do for use to, some video transitions on my macbook?
thank you so much.
Regards form Mexico.
jbezz 留言: Tue 09 Feb 16
Hi,I see that there is an update to the "My Library" add-on! Can you please tell me what has changed?