DJSoulman 留言: Wed 03 May 17
I have an MC6000 Mk1 'retired' since July last year. Faders on channel 1 & 3 need resoldering. Both PLAY buttons need their micro switches replaced, I ended up starting the decks from the CUE1 buttons. I bought an MC6000 Mk2 as a replacement. Send me a message if you're interested (I'm in the North East of the UK).
tayla 留言: Tue 19 Jan 16
Thanks for the add
1silverado 留言: Fri 11 Sep 15
hey Bigron1 i don't know if you make digital calls but i can't get my sampling to work at all like on the youtube video'sssssss. 2543384264 DJ RED
MrJackson2014 留言: Mon 07 Sep 15
Hello Ron what's up? Any interesting scripting done lately? Cheers!
thetracker510 留言: Tue 11 Aug 15
thanks for the Add bro!
the SOUND INSURGENT 留言: Tue 28 Jul 15
Thanks for the add bro!! Love chatting it up with ya 👍